Criss-Cross Finished!


It all started with a request to join the Friendship X and + Swap, me digging out one lonely block from the back of the closet, marooned there from when I’d started to make the blocks but abandoned the project, and an invitation from Krista.  And now I can show you the finished quilt.

Criss-Cross_final front

Criss-Cross_draped front

Lounging around on my new gate in my re-done landscape.



To go with this scrappy quilt, I used up odds and ends of binding ends, plus cut a few more pieces here and there.

Criss-Cross_full back

The back: IKEA music fabric.


Some days you make a fancy printed label, but when the fabric is so fun with lines and notes, I think some days you should write the label.  So I did.

Criss-Cross_stained glass

The stained glass effect of the front showing through the musical back.  It’s done!
For more posts about this quilt, type “cross” into the search box on the right; you’ll get several, including one that has a diagram of the pattern I used.

This is #136 on my 200 Quilts List.





Friendship Swap for the Cross-X Block

CrossX_final quilt top


Today is the day we reveal our quilts made in the Friendship Swap of the Cross-X blocks (some call them the + and x blocks).  I got started on this through an invitation from Krista of KristaStitched, who is now found more commonly on Instagram.  She wrote and invited me to play along, and since I’d always wanted to try out this block, I agreed.  Susan of PatchworkNPlay and Carla of Lollyquiltz set us up a Flickr Group and we were in business.

Cross-X So FarB

I’m sure you remember these photos, as we kept track of our progress.  Well, all of a sudden we were done, and then all of a sudden there was a deadline of today to get the quilt done.  So, what you see up there is my quilt top (or flimsy), as the quilt is at the quilter, and since I was a bit slow in getting the top done, I don’t have the final “finish” on the quilt.  Soon, very soon.

KristastitchedHowever, I don’t think I have to worry about my partner Krista finishing her quilt top before I will.  She was working on a better and bigger project, which arrived several weeks early!  Congratulations, Krista!  Having Baby Rita here safe and sound is waaaaay better than a quilt top.  Many thanks to Krista, Carla and Susan, for inspiring us to a Cross-X quilt top.

Thought you’d like to see what the inspiration was for these blocks, in the early days:

Setsuko InagawaQuilt

This quilt by Setsuko Inagawa, which used an old block by Nancy Cabot, caught everyone’s eye.  The pattern diagram and the current origins (from Badskirt) are *here.*

UPDATES: Here are some thumbnails of the completed quilts or quilt tops, with links to their blogs.

Lollyquiltz Cross-X

Carla, from Lollyquiltz

Grace and Favour Cross-X

Carla, from Grace and Favour

PatchworknPlay Cross-X

Susan, from Patchwork N Play

LiveAColorfulLife Cross-X

Cindy, from Live A Colorful Life

Libellen Quilts Cross-X

Heidi of Libellen Quilts

Jane's Quilt Cross-X

Jane of Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts

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Cross and X Quilt Block

In my last post I talked about Zombie Quilt Night.  Well, at least that’s how I felt.

So, in exploring my really overwhelming list of blogs in my Google Reader, I began to see this block appear:


These two are made by a quilter in London, and these photos are from her blog.  I found the Flikr pool if you want to see some more.  I like these blocks because it’s obvious you can use scraps and whatever, so long as you use a bland background and differentiate the cross fabrics from the X fabrics.  The blocks together look like this:


These are from Stawberrylicious’ photo stream, but couldn’t locate her blog (I admit to being dumb untutored about Flikr, yessirree). It’s nice to feel some enthusiasm for a new idea–that always gets my hands into the fabric.  There’s lots of potential for novelty fabrics and word fabrics, and cool prints.

(Update: I found her blog.  You have to be invited to view it.)

This interest in an old block by Nancy Cabot was apparently generated by Setsuko Inagawa’s quilt:

Somebody with a blog named Badskirt has developed a tutorial for this, and although the pictures are spot on, I am doing some wondering about the measurements. See below.

I kept looking at the blocks on Flikr and noticed that the angled wedge didn’t always line up properly into the cross in the middle.  I drew it up on my quilt program:

I realized part of the trouble many of the blocks I found on the web seemed to be a 7″ block.  But this is a five-segmented block, so the measurements are more true if they are done in units of five: 5″ block, 7.5,” 10″ block etc.   So, I checked her measurements–they are fine–so what I saw constructed may have been others not being careful, or using incorrect measurements.

For a 10″ block, the templates (with seam allowances included) look like this, with that long center strip 2.5″ x 6.5″, the square measuring 4.5″ and the other small blocks 2.5.”  My program prints out the snowball blocks as two triangles, which I cut out and tape together to get the measurement.  Or–just just cut squares 2.5.”  I’ll probably stick with the 7 1/2-inch blocks because I like the repetition of the small blocks.

I wonder if anyone else is like me–that even when you’re working on a project, you need a spark now and again to keep interest.  I heard an interview with Andrew Zuckerman on Swiss Miss’ Creative Mornings series and he said “I hate every project three months in.  I’m exhausted.  I’m questioning whether it’s any good.  I’m unhappy.  [But] that’s just the process.  You have to get through that.  You have to commit. . . there’s no pulling out–it has to work.  And then it works out, because of the commitment.  There’s always failure when you don’t see it through fully.”

Just knowing I have Cross and X block possibilities in the back of my mind, will help me get through the Lollypop Trees process.  I hope.