Dones and Do-Overs

Lollypop All Quilted

So, is the Lollypop Tree Quilt all done?  Was it completed by the goal date?  Yes. . . and no.  Last night about 9 p.m. when I couldn’t quilt one more stitch, I laid it out on the guest bedroom bed: my go-to flat space in my house.  I was content.  It was complete.  I had quilted all nine blocks, all twenty of the border blocks, the sashing, and the only thing that remained were a few details.  Until I woke up too early this morning thinking about it.

Lollypop Quilt Square_blue

I had done a curvy pattern in the sashing blocks, but am just not happy with it.  I am not crazy about the thread color, and let’s face it, my curvies could use some help.  So now I’m really thinking about unpicking all the sashing and trying a different approach.  My husband suggested one that might work.  So even though it’s finished — it needs a do-over.

Colorwheel Bloom

Lisa dropped in yesterday to show me a couple of her quilts — amazing — and while we were talking we were looking at the Colorwheel Bloom (how about that for a title?  I keep working on it).  She agreed that the bright yellow petal wasn’t quite right.  I’d saved all the earlier incarnations and pinned this one on top.  Yep, yep.  Another do-over.


But first I have to go and read one hundred or so pages of this book in order to write the quiz for the students today, plus grade a stack of précis, plus prep for class.  So the do-overs will have to wait.

Giveaway Banner

In honor of hitting 250 followers, I’m planning a little giveaway mid-April.  Anyone can throw their name in the hat, but followers get an extra chance to win, in order to say a big thanks.  I’ll post more details in a couple of days.  I’ve got a quilt book, some fabric, and thread that need to go to a new home.  I’m still photographing the goodies, but will post soon!


19 thoughts on “Dones and Do-Overs

  1. Oh my, I’d think twice about picking (“unpicking” is the term we use, but that sounds like sewing to me)stitches out of that lollypop sashing. Step back 4 feet–any problems you see with curves should fade away.

    Colorwheel Bloom is a great name. And I like the new shade (but don’t remember what it replaces). That redo seems manageable.

  2. All I can say is “WOW”! The Lollipop is fantastic! Do-over or not, you did a beautiful job with that one! I really love it, even though I would never crave to do it – kudos to you for the patience that must have taken.

  3. Elizabeth, before I read your post, I was going to send a comment telling you that I thought this quilt was delightful! The quilting really makes the blossoms pop! It is a gorgeous piece of work.

    I am gobsmacked that you would consider taking ANYTHING out and redoing it! It is lovely! Only you will notice whatever is bothering you, but I promise you, I see only a gorgeous, bright, cheery quilt!

    Please give yourself the grace to let it be just as it is.

    Big hugs,
    Celia from Arlington TX

  4. Oh. My. Gosh! I absolutely love your lolly quilt. It looks spectacular on the bed and of course I’m quite jealous seeing all those luscious Kaffe prints in there. Beautiful beautiful finish Elizabeth. Now you deserve some new fabric. Before ripping into it, why don’t you live with it for awhile. It’s hard to tell in the picture but I’m not sure the sashing really needs a redo. I’d seriously think on it awhile.

  5. To save you the hassle of having a giveaway, I’ll happily take your threads and fabrics off your hands!! (Cheeky……) I love the Lollipop Trees! I wonder how much of the curves you will notice when you wash and dry the quilt? But you must be happy with it! Happy ‘un’stitching!

  6. Oh My Gosh!! I love, love, love your Lollypop quilt – it is stunning! I want to make one – I must make one because I love it so much!! This one is going on my ‘new’ Pinterest board called Quilt Bucket List!!

  7. I love that a possible quilting solution came from your husband. Totally awesome. It’s nice that he understands your concerns, and instead of saying, “It’s OKAY, just be done!” as I would, he listens and helps. I think it’s spectacular, and I think you’ll miss it when you finally ARE done with it!

  8. The Lollypop Tree is beautiful. The color change on the Bloom Quilt looks good. And good luck with reading AND writing a writing a quiz.

  9. Elizabeth, this Lollipop quilt is absolutely beautiful. I understand the not being happy emotion. Do what you must, but it truly is yummy.

  10. You go girl. This is your masterpiece so if you want to redo the sashing, do it. But live with it a few days before you do. Ah, the reading. I am now getting out my red pen to do grading. Love love

  11. I hope you find a solution that would prevent picking it out. Maybe just adding a little more would work for you.

  12. Oh my! Would you really unpick it? So much work. I think it’s fabulous and the washing is not what we are looking at. It’s the amazing lollipops. Wonderful on every level!

  13. I’m reading backwards to catch up, and I have to say I just love the quilting you did on this quilt. It really leaves the appliqued flowers front and center. I would leave the sashing as it is, it is a nice and low key next to the dense backgrounds of the rest. It is a quilt to be very proud of, its beautiful.

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