Dones and Do-Overs

Lollypop All Quilted

So, is the Lollypop Tree Quilt all done?  Was it completed by the goal date?  Yes. . . and no.  Last night about 9 p.m. when I couldn’t quilt one more stitch, I laid it out on the guest bedroom bed: my go-to flat space in my house.  I was content.  It was complete.  I had quilted all nine blocks, all twenty of the border blocks, the sashing, and the only thing that remained were a few details.  Until I woke up too early this morning thinking about it.

Lollypop Quilt Square_blue

I had done a curvy pattern in the sashing blocks, but am just not happy with it.  I am not crazy about the thread color, and let’s face it, my curvies could use some help.  So now I’m really thinking about unpicking all the sashing and trying a different approach.  My husband suggested one that might work.  So even though it’s finished — it needs a do-over.

Colorwheel Bloom

Lisa dropped in yesterday to show me a couple of her quilts — amazing — and while we were talking we were looking at the Colorwheel Bloom (how about that for a title?  I keep working on it).  She agreed that the bright yellow petal wasn’t quite right.  I’d saved all the earlier incarnations and pinned this one on top.  Yep, yep.  Another do-over.


But first I have to go and read one hundred or so pages of this book in order to write the quiz for the students today, plus grade a stack of précis, plus prep for class.  So the do-overs will have to wait.

Giveaway Banner

In honor of hitting 250 followers, I’m planning a little giveaway mid-April.  Anyone can throw their name in the hat, but followers get an extra chance to win, in order to say a big thanks.  I’ll post more details in a couple of days.  I’ve got a quilt book, some fabric, and thread that need to go to a new home.  I’m still photographing the goodies, but will post soon!