So Here We Are–Tiny Envelopes

Pre-Quilt layout

I started here at the beginning of the week–the layout of the blocks with some turned and twisted.

Little Envelope Quilt

I ended here with a very random quilt.  I bordered the envelopes with different solids, interspersed Kona Snow and Kona White blocks, then added colorful strips.  I separated the rows with more Snow/White strips and sewed it together.

What is it? you ask.  No clue, I must answer. but it will give me a field in which to practice some FMQ, and that will either make it more random, or pull it together. It might need a border.   It’s too soon to tell.

Olympic Banners

Tonight is our Quilt Group Get Together, coupled with watching the Sochi Opening Ceremony while we chat, eat,  sew, quilt, and I need to cut some strips out of my Kaffe Fassett fabrics because I’m determined to have some sort of quilt top with those fabulous quilty designs on them that I see on every athlete’s vest, on the officials, and on the flags and banner.  Here’s a website describing the origins of this design.




13 thoughts on “So Here We Are–Tiny Envelopes

  1. The insertion of the angled strips is a fun addition to your little envelopes. I’m kind of seeing mountains with all the white. Must be the Olympic influence. Just love the Olympic patchwork. Has me thinking of a diamond quilt which I’ll probably never do but fun to think about. Enjoy your evening.

  2. Well, you certainly went somewhere with those little windows I had not anticipated and it’s lovely!!!! And how have I missed the Sochi quilty banners??!! Watching right along with you!

  3. A great idea for the envelopes. But alas, some are not connected and must therefore have ended up in the dead letter office. 🙂 Then the pink and red guys have quite a conversation going–no one told them the world had shifted to email. I am in awe of the join of the pink-green and the two shades of blue.

  4. The Olympic designs would be tricky to make as quilts. Looking closely, you can see some tiny diamonds in solid colors. I think these tiny diamonds define a graph-paper-like grid. The other shapes are all drawn on this grid, and include some irregular shapes as well as symmetric diamonds of several sizes. This irregularity adds greatly to the appeal of the design, but a quilt would have to be hand-sewn or fused.

  5. Thanks for the Olympic graphic design link. It was fun to see how the designers incorporated so many of the patterns, fabrics and crafts of Russia. Your envelope solution works–the diagonals make me think of snail-mail correspondence and connectivity: sometimes there’s a response, sometimes there are repeated attempts at contact to no avail, and sometimes letters are exchanged back and forth.

  6. Sometimes it’s just fun to play around with the fabric and see where it takes us. Thanks for posting the link to the Olympic graphic designs. I will have to check that out.

  7. Your envelopes quilt is very nice. I like all you did to draw them into one piece.
    I like the interpretation from knitnkwilt.
    Thank you for the link to the Olympic quilt. It was great to learn the background on this.

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