So Here We Are–Tiny Envelopes

Pre-Quilt layout

I started here at the beginning of the week–the layout of the blocks with some turned and twisted.

Little Envelope Quilt

I ended here with a very random quilt.  I bordered the envelopes with different solids, interspersed Kona Snow and Kona White blocks, then added colorful strips.  I separated the rows with more Snow/White strips and sewed it together.

What is it? you ask.  No clue, I must answer. but it will give me a field in which to practice some FMQ, and that will either make it more random, or pull it together. It might need a border.   It’s too soon to tell.

Olympic Banners

Tonight is our Quilt Group Get Together, coupled with watching the Sochi Opening Ceremony while we chat, eat,  sew, quilt, and I need to cut some strips out of my Kaffe Fassett fabrics because I’m determined to have some sort of quilt top with those fabulous quilty designs on them that I see on every athlete’s vest, on the officials, and on the flags and banner.  Here’s a website describing the origins of this design.