WIP: Those Pesky Envelope Blocks


These blocks are like the growly little animal down the block that tries to grab your pant leg as you walk by, as if to say that they own the sidewalk and you’d better not forget it.  This is how I left the blocks after finishing up On Line, my Four-in-Art Quilt.  But they wouldn’t leave me alone.  I’d wake up at night, thinking I should Do Something with them, maybe because of that Yankee thriftiness we all seem to have instilled in us.  How many of you have bags of blocks that didn’t quite measure up, but haven’t given away or pitched into the trash?  Yep.  Just as I thought.


So one early morning, I turned them all this way.


I got rid of the ones I’d played around with the bleach because 1) they weren’t that interesting with their color discharged, and 2) they smelled like bleach.  (Ick.)

I do have ideas for them, and hope to work on them after I get the grading done on the Poetry Test that I gave yesterday.  I want to work on these blocks so they’ll stop growling at me as I walk by the sewing room.

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10 thoughts on “WIP: Those Pesky Envelope Blocks

  1. I like your envelopes. Have you considered putting sashing between them? It might make them pop more if you keep them in a line. I like the pinwheel effect! Yeah, the bleached ones are….yuck. Make coasters outta those (see my blog for just such a project that I posted on WIP today). WIP-ing with you at RunningHen.blogspot.com

  2. If you rotate the top left envelope in the last photo you would end up with a pinwheel. That’s an interesting layout for the envelopes.

  3. Well Elizabeth, I think you have something there! I think that these are all just fine, and that you should keep plugging away with your brilliant idea.

  4. I am working on being the boss of my quilting, not the other way round but I get your point. I hope you find a plan for these you like as they are lovely blocks.

  5. So totally understand how they growl and getting up in the early morning to move them around. They are lovely blocks and experimenting with them is half the fun, right?!

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