200 Quilts

Olympic Geese

Valentine's Day Card

Well, first, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!
(card is from my husband)

Valentine Cookies

And I made some cookies (recipe *here*) for the occasion.

Geese 1

But in amongst the papers that had to be graded and the handouts that had to be written, I wanted some form of Olympic quilt.  Something. . . somehow.

Geese 2

So I laid out some snips from some recent projects in circles, playing with this layout and the other.

OlympicGeese Quilt_front

So, here it is.  Olympic Geese.  Little triangles flying around in circles.

OlympicGeese Quilt_detail

While free motion quilting, I decided to try different ways of tackling the quilting.  I figured out about twenty different ways to quilt a triangle.  A little self-tutoring while goofing around.

Olympic Geese Quilt_casual

Then I quilted lines radiating out from the center, close together.

Patchwork Bag_flat exterior

While at Road to California, I found a pattern for a bag I’ve wanted to make for just about forever.

Patchwork Bag_flat interior

So it starts out with lots of squares, with batting and backing, then stitched around. This is the interior.  I used heavy thread, like a sashiko thread, to create the stitched lines.  I then stitched it in rows, then the rows together.  Of course, all done while watching the Olympics and cheering on Noelle Pikus-Pace.

Patchwork Bag_front

I then stitched the sides together, which about broke my already burdened brain (remember?  the grading?  the handouts?).

Patchwork Bag interior

And here’s a picture of the interior.  It has woven faux leather handles, which I zig-zagged onto the bag, and will cover the cut ends of the handles with more fabric. It’s kind of an odd shape, but it intrigues me.  I’ve got to find a way to put it together more easily–this hand-stitching of all the squares together is for the birds. And I think I’d like to try it in bright colors, and smaller squares. And I’d also like to fly around the world, too.

Okay, back to grading tomorrow.  Then to do our taxes.  Who says it’s a holiday?

11 thoughts on “Olympic Geese

  1. LOL! I love your wish to fly around the world! We all have that one! I have a pile of assessments calling me to, so I have some simple strip piecing ready in case my sewing machine starts calling me! Love both the bag and the Olympic Geese!

  2. “So, in my free time over the weekend, I just whipped up this fabulous little quilt and a new bag for myself.” You are amazing. Uh-MAY-zing.

  3. The Olympic quilt is a wonderful project. Just a bit to take your brain off other stuff.
    The bag is fantastic. What is the name of the pattern. I would like to make one, too.

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