Friendship Cross-X Block Swap, January 2014



Jan CrossX quilt blocks lined up

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, it’s time to post our Friendship Cross-X block swap blocks.  Say that one five times really fast.  Our Flickr group is *here* and you can grab a quilty pal and start anytime! Above are my four blocks, and no, you’re not seeing double.  Well, you are, but it’s supposed to be that way.

Jan CrossX Quilt Blocks ESE

Krista, of KristaStitched, is my quilt-swap buddy, and I sent off her blocks and received some in return:

Jan CrossX Quilt Blocks ESEKS

Look how nice they play together.  We began to notice some variation creeping into our blocks, and took the time to really study what was going on them.


I did a search on these blocks and found this display (not our blocks).  I’ve circled the different blocks; can you see why?  It’s the weensy little background triangles.  As Krista and I talked we noticed that most of these tiny triangle blocks, or as I refer to them, the backiest-of-the-background triangles, are from the same fabrics.  I don’t think others in the Friendship Swap run into this, because all of theirs seem to be controlled colors and hues.  But Krista and I decided to go for it, and make ours scrappy, so are discovering things about the block that we hadn’t noticed before.

We now plan to make sure our backgrounds (our backiest-backgrounds) are all the same, and to keep with our two basic rules:  1) add some text somewhere in the block and 2) keep a strong contrast between the X and the + parts.  Sometimes the littlest changes can have big impacts.

CrossX Quilt Blocks January2014

And here they all are together!

4-in-art_3Come back tomorrow, February 1st for the reveal of our second challenge of the Urban series: Structures.  There are eight of us doing this Four-In-Art Art quilt challenge (so named for the four challenges we have a year), and I’ll present mine as well as link to the other quilts.

8 thoughts on “Friendship Cross-X Block Swap, January 2014

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I like the way that you pointed out the small changes that can be made with this block. Suz and I have never made blocks using the same fabric in all four large rectangles…maybe I will next time as I like the continuity that it is bringing to your overall work…a place for your eyes to land (if there is such a thing with this quilt!!) I’m so glad that you and Krista are playing along!

  2. Thought I would drop in and say Hi! So glad I did, your blocks are wonderful. I would love to play in your scrap pile! Very interesting about the blocks.

  3. Your blocks are looking so fun and good together. I like that you pin pointed the subtle differences that can be made to the blocks. See you tomorrow with my art quilt. Hope it’s done by then. : )

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    your blocks look gorgeous and they play so well together. It’s amazing, how different our blocks look just because of the different colors we use. I definitely love this swap 🙂

  5. You changed your blog, it looks nice. I am enjoying your x and + blocks, although I am not sure that I will make them. Time to go and finish my structures quilt.

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