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WIP on a Thursday

WIP on

I love that Lee, of Freshly Pieced Fabrics, forgot to put up Works In Progress Wednesday until today, for that’s about the speed I’m moving at this week and it makes me feel better that there’s someone else on the planet who is marching to a different drummer.

4-in-art_3But today’s WIP is all about the upcoming Four-in-Art reveal of our art quilts, on Saturday, February 1st (just listen to me hyperventilate!).

Baby Envelope Quilt

This is as far as I’ve gotten–making wee envelope blocks for an idea that is cooking, even percolating, but going no where fast.  Grading, prepping for class and of course, a trip to the Road to California Quilt Show (with Deborah of Simply Miss Luella and Cindy of Live A Colorful Life and my quilt group, The Good Heart Quilters) for the next two days are Mighty Interrupters.  The overarching theme for this year’s Four-in-Art is Urban, and last quarter’s reveal was “Maps.”  This time it is “Structure.”

Birdhouse Burano

I’d thought about recreating a structure on a structure, like this small birdhouse on an existing wall of a house.

Building Gold

Building Silver

Or doing something with these amazing buildings in downtown Pittsburgh; one picture was taken in the late afternoon (the top one) and the other was taken in the morning.

Canal Burano

Picturesque Burano also captured my heart, but I decided that given the parameters of our group’s art (it has to be 12″ square), I’d rather save this for another day when I have a bigger canvas.  And more skills.  (Throw “more time” in there too.)

Freeway bridges PIttsburgh

I love the structure of these freeways, but it reminded me too much of a map, which was last quarter’s reveal.  So what am I cooking with, with baby envelopes tacked up on my pin wall?

See you in a week, and we’ll both find out.

7 thoughts on “WIP on a Thursday

  1. Sounds like really interesting themes for making art quilts. It was fun to see your photos. I like your quilt in progress

  2. Love the look of your art quilt so far. You’re further along than I am. I have a drawing to size and a challenge to piece some curves. Can I do it remains to be seen. But I’m going to try on Sunday.

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