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Chris’ Welcome-to-the-Family Quilt


This is where I was Wednesday morning, after listening to hours and hours of a new audio book: Beautiful Ruins.  My mother’s still reading listening to it, so I’ll withhold my review until later.  But the really good thing about audio books is that when they are playing on your desktop computer in the same room as the sewing machine, a lot gets sewn, like a quilt top for our new-to-our-family adopted grandson Chris.  This is my Sashless Quilt, with the tutorial found *here.*


Full length shot on our front porch, with hands belonging to my tall husband Dave.


This isn’t a complicated quilt, it sews up quickly, and I love using favorites from my stash like the bicycle fabric.  I’d been saving that for a long time and this was the perfect use because my son (Chris’ Dad) loves bike riding, owns a bunch of them and takes all his sons out on bike rides.


I started cutting this on Monday, sewed Tuesday and Wednesday morning, quilted Thursday, did the binding on Friday.  Hey! I felt like Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, only I’m not listing it in my ETSY shop.  (I don’t even have an ETSY shop.)


The “label.”  Sometimes with quilts I know will be washed and washed, I don’t mess with a formal label, but simply write directly on the quilt with a Micron Pen.

Glamour shot, reclining on the sofa.  I did the basic quilting: stitch in the ditch.  I’d played with the idea of doing echo-quilting alongside the seams, but in the end changed my mind.


I gave it to Chris as they arrived on Saturday evening to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  Chris’ younger brother Andrew used it first.


Later on, after dinner and all the adults talked, Chris nabbed it and settled into a movie.  Or was it a game?  I can see that at the dimensions of 46″ x 57″ he will soon outgrow the quilt, but I didn’t want it too big–it’s a “welcome to the family” quilt, like what his brothers received when they were newborns.


Chris seems to like it–I’m so glad!

It’s Quilt #109 on my 200 Quilts list.

10 thoughts on “Chris’ Welcome-to-the-Family Quilt

  1. Love that you did this, and love the quilt. P.S. I’m currently listening to Beautiful Ruins too! We’ll discuss.

  2. What a lovely way to welcome Chris to the family! And I, too, am impressed with how fast you got this one done!

  3. There is nothing better than your own special cuddly blanket, and it is a lovely one too, goes nicely with such a fine looking grandson.

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