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Pacific Grove Blues

Pacific Grove Blues_front

Oh, yes, you’ve seen this before, but only (as the Australians say) as a flimsy, a quilt top.  So I needed to get a few projects done and finished and this was next on the list.  I was originally going to name it Sand and Sea, but changed my mind to keep it fresh.

Pacific Grove Blues_block

This is the block, made in fours and arranged into the quilt.  The original post has more information about the pattern, if you’re interested.

Pacific Grove Blues_back

I call it Pacific Grove Blues, because of the time we spent in Northern California last month walking along the coastal path in that very interesting town.   I don’t have the label for this quilt finished yet, but will, soon.  Of course, I visited the fabric store that was there, Back Porch Fabrics; look for the review of that in an upcoming post.

Carmel Blues

It also hearkens back to an earlier quilt, titled The Blues of Carmel, made from a fat quarter purchased there, and homage to my mother’s blue blue eyes.

We watched these waves every morning, trying to get to the walking just before sunrise.  A peak experience, as my Dad would say.

Pacific Grove Blues

It can now join my growing stack of Schnibbles on top of the guest room armoire.  My husband keeps asking me what I’m going to do with all of these little quilts.  I really have no idea.  Table toppers for holidays (especially the last one, that’s all patriotic)?  Doll quilts for the granddaughters? (But I’ve already made them all doll quilts.)

What would you do with a bunch of little quilts? Any ideas, besides stack them up and enjoy them?  We’ve all heard quoted a million times that factoid from the book by Malcolm Gladwell about how it takes 10,000 hours of practice to get really good at anything.  I figure by cranking these out, I’m keeping those 10,000 hours of practice alive and going.  I don’t really know how much longer I will continue to do these Schnibbles, but I have to say that Carrie Nielson of Miss Rosie’s pattern company always has solid designs and colorations, and I can always keep learning something new about how to piece something, or put a combo together, or be exposed to a new block and its possibilities.  I like keeping my options open.


FinishALong Button

This is one completed project from Finish-A-Long, hosted by Leanne of She Can Quilt, Quarter 4 of 2014’s goals.

This is quilt number 123, on my 200 quilts list.

13 thoughts on “Pacific Grove Blues

  1. Once again, it is beautiful! I like the idea of changing with the seasons as a table topper. Just keep them close where they can be enjoyed.

  2. Pacific Grove Blues is a lovely name. I have stacks of quilts as well. I don’t know what I will do with them. One is going to be donated this November to a church fundraiser. One of our daughters told me there is one bed and it needs only one quilt. You Schnibbles are all so lovely.

  3. I am almost at the stage of “Do I need to make any more quilts?” but all these minis/toppers are making me think again! I love the blues in this one! And it’s a great too!

  4. Lovely mini! And the great thing about minis is that they can become all sorts of things. Doll quilts for when granddaughters come to visit grandma and stay in the guest (doll) bedroom, tray liners, table protectors for putting under things that might scratch furniture but still need to be showcased by something pretty, floor cushions, wall-hangings… They rotate and are pressed into service wherever they are needed!

  5. I fell in love with this on Instagram! Love the blues and your photograph of the quilt with the others in the background. I enjoy seeing the variety of Schnibbles although I have never made one myself.

  6. It is lovely, I really love blue and white quilts (and dishes too). I think that granddaughters might need more quilts for the dolls or they might be great stroller quilts for babies. Or wall quilts for grandchildren or children?

  7. Hang on to those quilts. Some day you will have great-grandchildren but won’t be able to quilt anymore. These will be your legacy for them.

  8. I don’t know if this is something you’ve considered, but my motherinlaw loves to quilt as well, and is amazingly talented and she donates the quilts to local hospitals for the new moms. I love that!!!!! What a wonderful way for a talented quilter to enjoy the art without putting them to good use. Many women in our area have now got a new quilt for their baby because of my MIL. Just a thought!

    Beautiful pics by the way!

  9. One of my quilting girlfriends is turning the large room of her living room into a gallery of small quilts. Some framed and some not. It spills over into some framed beauties on the end tables. Think a photo collage in fabric — very cool.

  10. My mom recently passed away. She taught me to quilt & we’ve quilted together since 1989. She had 8 children, 21 grandchildren & multiple Great grandchildren. We gave grandkids, & great grandkids her miniature quilts & wallhangings… They were so appreciative to have this special memory.

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