WIP: Bits and Pieces

America is a Tune_label

I’m finishing up bits and pieces, collecting bits and pieces, and am covered with bits and pieces of thread (On Mondays and Wednesdays — my teaching days — I’m always worried I’ll stand up in the front of the class with snips of thread sticking to me).  Above is the label, all sewn on, for my recent Schnibbles quilt: America Is A Tune (it must be sung together).  Finished that up tonight.

Carmel Blues Redux in process

This is the Schnibbles from last month all pinned up ready for quilting.

Santa and His Blocks_1

The blocks from the Mid-Century Modern Bee are starting to come in, and as they arrive, I iron them and smooth them up on the pinwall next to Santa.  It’s so fun to see them come in, with their nifty signature blocks (we decided to do a signature block and I’m really happy we did!).

Some Other WIPs:
Lollypop Tree–it calls to me from the guest room closet where it is on a hanger, like a siren song.  I ignore it, for the most part.

Friendship Quilt Blocks–I just need to sew them together.  What is taking me so long?  Our novel for class, Moon Over Manifest, has a signature quilt in the story line, so I took in a few blocks to show the students.  As I looked at the signatures of the women, I thought of each of these ladies.  This will be a gem.  At some point.

Santa (above).  I could start working on the houses and trees, I guess, now that I’ve finished up my Four-in-Art quilt for the November reveal.  (Suppressed squeal of joy)  Come back in a few days and see the gallery.  We have eight total now, so it should be a fun blogging/Flickr day.

Friendship Swap Blocks with Krista–we finally worked out our schedule and are ready to go.

I also have fabric for a Halloween quilt — oops!  Next year.

Not a WIP: finished my novel Light Between Oceans–loved it.  Can recommend it highly.

WIP new buttonLinking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced,
if she decides to run it, as I know she’s been very busy with getting things ready for market.

8 thoughts on “WIP: Bits and Pieces

  1. Where do I start with my comment? Firstly, I hope my block finds its way safely to you! (BTW The Kona white arrived today, nearly three weeks after you sent it!) I am SO looking forward to seeing your “Four-In-Art” reveal, AND your friendship + and x blocks! I’ve read “Light Between Oceans” and loved it too! I’m now reading “Gone Girl”- do you know it? I don’t know “Moon Over Manifest” so I am going to check that out! S x

  2. From “I don’t know what to do with this theme” to “finished” in how many seconds? Seems the bewildered post was recent–deadlines sometimes help creativity. I’ll be back in 9 days. 🙂

  3. How do you get a Schnibbles quilt done every month? And they are always so cute too. Plus I’m jealous. My Four in Art quilt is mostly, but not completely done. Leaving Friday for Quilt Market so will finish it when I return. There’s just something about waiting till the last minute that seems to be my usual mode of operation.

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