Queen Bee for Mid-Century Modern

Queen Bee

As Susan, one of our the members of our Mid-century Modern Bee says, I’m the Queen Bee this month.

And I’ve chosen to have my bee-mates help me on my Christmas Quilt.  But so that the copyright gods won’t be mad at me, I’m not showing the picture of the pattern and I’ve also chosen different green and cream blocks for my bee-mates to make, plus I made downloadable templates from my quilt program to serve as a guide for these 12″ blocks  (finished measurement–raw edge measurement should be 12 1/2″).  Below are the blocks, plus their templates for downloading.

Caution: These template prints out the correct size on my printer, but I don’t know what they’ll do on yours.  A general guide for making a half-square triangle block is to cut the finished measurement, plus 7/8 inch, before stitching on the diagonal and cutting apart.  So, I’d use that as a general gauge for how things ought to look when you print out your templates.  (In other words, for the corner squares for this first block, cut one white square and one green square to measure 4 and 7/8 inches.)

54-40 or fight

Fifty-four Forty or Fight • Template: 54-4o or fight

54-40 or Fight, version 2

Fifty-four Forty or Fight, version 2 • Template: 54-40 or Fight_version2

Clays Choice Variation

Clay’s Choice Variation • Template: Clay’s Choice Variation

Ohio Star

Ohio Star • Template: Ohio Star

Swamp Angel

Swamp Angel • Template: Swamp Angel

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty • Template: Peace and Plenty

Mock Eight Point Star

Mock Eight-Point Star • Template: Mock Eight Point Star


Memory • Template: Memory

Martha Washington Star

Martha Washington Star • Template: Martha Washington Star

Flying Geese Block

Flying Geese • Template: Flying Geese Block

Double Star

Double Star • Template: Double Star

Crosses and Losses

Crosses and Losses • Templates: Crosses and Losses

Bird in the Air

Birds in the Air • Template: Birds in the Air

Autumn Star

Autumn Star • Template: Autumn Star

For my bee-mates, I’ve listed the blocks you’ve chosen on our Flickr group site, for reference.

Giveaway Banner

And congratulations to Carla for winning Anne’s very cool pattern.  If the rest of my lovely entrants would like a pattern for their own, please visit SpringLeaf Studios, and you can download one instantly.  I have purchased both of hers, as I like buying quilt patterns that make me reach for new fabrics and new ideas.  (I hope to put her Cascade pattern on my To-Do for next spring.)

Many thanks to Anne for donating her pattern to this giveaway!!!

7 thoughts on “Queen Bee for Mid-Century Modern

  1. Oh, I love the Queen Bee graphic- how appropriate! You have all your worker bees assigned their pretty Christmas stars! Let the fun begin!

  2. I find the names of these blocks quite interesting in their historic nature. Fifty-four Forty or Fight refers to the battle over the Oregon boundary between US and Great Britain. It was a campaign slogan in 1844. Clay’s Choice no doubt refers to the great Whig politician Henry Clay, who helped broker the Missouri Compromise that would set back the sectional conflict until the eruption of the Civil War in 1861. See what you learn when you are a quilter, or a follower of a quilter’s blog?

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