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September 2012 Quilt Night

The Good Heart Quilters got together the second week of September to teach & learn, catch up and eat, and to hang out.

Lisa showed us the completed Arabic Lattice quilt, everything finished up since our summer get-together.

This is one her daughter Leilani completed–with a horse theme.  Leilani has a horse that occupies a lot of her free time, so she made a quilt to go along with that love of hers.

Caitlin came tonight, showing off her Christmas stockings.  Perfection in a nutshell.  She’s one of our newbies.

Deneese is another quilter new to our group.  Both of these women have small toddlers and babies at home so they can’t always break away, but we’re glad to have them when they come.

Simone’s first night, too.  She likes to ham it up for the camera.  I don’t think I ever got one picture of her with her lovely smile.

Bridget shows off her first quilt.  I believe she participated in the Red and White Sample Swap, but then she made the double-nine-patch blocks to go in between her sampler blocks.

It was held at Carol’s house (in the yellow blouse).  She’s a newbie, too!  Here she is with Karen, and of course, our snack/munchie bar.

Laurel worked on this set of blocks.  Every photo I have of her, her eyes are closed, but she obviously has them open in order to pick such beautiful fabrics.

Karen’s bargello heart.  She is on the quilting now, doing it by hand.

Lisa (Bridget’s Mom) and Caitlyn look through quilt books.  Actually, I think Lisa is working on her half-square triangles, sorting them into colors.

Laying out Simone’s apple core quilt on the guest bedroom bed.  She sent me a snapshot this week, showing that she’d sewn the first row together!

Kelly is another one of our newest quilters.  Although an accomplished sewist, she’d never quilted before.  So she learned to cut with the rulers, stitch a quarter-inch seam, and got working on cranking out a set of blocks.  It’s the end of the night and we’re all tired and walking into walls, but we had a great time.

Because my photos that night were kind of bogus, I asked Lisa to bring her latest quilt top over so I could take a picture of it.  Here’s the close-up.

And here it is in all its glory.  This had genesis in the early days of our group, when four of us began to make “I Spy” quilts: Lisa, Laurel, Leisa and me.  Laurel’s had squares, instead of hexagons.  I don’t know if Leisa finished hers, but I gave all my pieces to Lisa.  She gave me a few back so I could cut them up for my Polaroid blocks, but then she borrowed my templates, cut some more and got it done.  Woo-hoo!

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