All My Far Flung Bee Blocks

Krista and two of her Instagrammies started it, invited three others and by early this summer, we were busy sewing and sending out blocks.  Some had other things interrupt them (isn’t that how a lot of bees go?), but I have seen pictures flashed about on IG, so I know we’re still cooking.  Thought I’d do a wrap-up slideshow of my blocks, now that they are all sent.  That’s our logo, above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I truly admire those who make Dear Jane quilts, and they are amazing and gorgeous, I learned I never want to make one for myself.  Cross that one of the Life’s Goals list.  As always in these swaps, you learn a lot about others and yourself, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I’ve received back from two, have three to go, and hopefully I’ll be quick in getting something together to make our deadline of a completed quilt project (although I think we’ve blown past it).

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