EPP, the Sixth

Finished up tonight, while watching Doc Martin on Netflix (recommended).  The first date I have on this project is February 21, 2012, so obviously I started sewing these at the beginning of the year sometime.

Here’s all six of them together.  I think they look like slices of a kaleidoscope.

Don’t know what I’ll do with them, really.  Just following this journey wherever it goes.

10 thoughts on “EPP, the Sixth

  1. Love them! They are like kaleidoscope slides, aren’t they? I am doing a similar pattern and joining mine with triangles. I look forward to seeing how these develop!

  2. I love how they all look different, yet the same! Glad you’re still trucking on them, I’ve made so many in all different sizes and fabrics, I’ll never have a finished quilt! Lol.

  3. They are beautiful!

    I just finished watching the newest season of Doc Martin this week too. All that evening TV time when the baby can’t decide whether she wants to eat sleep or just be rocked.

    Have you watched the Doc Martin prequels/movies? I like them too. Different townspeople and Doc Martin is actually really nice – weird huh? It’s kind of funny how the show can still be good with a different premise.

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