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A true, blue WIP list

First off, let me tell you what I’m working on now: Portuguese Tile Quilt.  (To readers of this blog I apologize for showing the top one more time.)  I’m displaying it for my weekly foray to Lee’s Freshly Pieced blog.  Return there to see lots more interesting quilt works, and many many thanks to Lee for hosting this weekly forum.

The above quilt, when it is quilted, bound, labeled (properly finished) will be the first quilt on my list of 200 Quilts, in other words, the above is quilt #101.  A few bits ago while working on my Quilt Journal, I made a list of quilts I need to finish up to add to the 200 Quilts list.  Like women, who NEVER reveal their true weight, it’s an embarrassment for a quilter to realize how many unfinished things she has lurking around the edges.  And I’m not even talking the fabric in the stash that is being held on the shelf for imaginary projects.  Here goes.

Potential Quilts for the 200 Quilts List:
1. Autumn quilt–needs borders, backing, quilting.

Here’s where I left it.  No, I did sew on that striped binding to the left, then I folded it up and hung it in the Guest Room closet.

2. Friendship Quilt

I could have gone on collecting signatures for years, for like all of you, I make new friends and keep the old, but I decided to cut it off at the time I sewed the blocks together.  Now I should get crackin’ and get them sewn together.

3. Wedding Ring Quilt

Yes, I started one of these.  In the leftover Aunt Grace fabrics from the above project.  Which is cut out, but only a little bit sewn together.  I should save this for a summer project, providing I get LAST summer’s project done.  This has a poignant memory attached to it: I took my box of fabrics over to my friend Leisa’s house and we sat and cut and sewed on 9/11, needing each other’s company while we watched and listened.  And cried.  Definitely need to finish this one.

4. Summer Treat

You’ve seen this.  I’ve decided on the border, the backing.  Now I just need to steal some time from somewhere.  And given the quality of the English paper I just graded, I think I’ll give up grading for a couple of days to recover (the student earned a 43 out 100), thereby gaining me some more time.

5. Maroon/Forest Christmas Quilt

This one was made about a hundred years ago in the 1980s.  It’s so not “me” that I haven’t even given it a name.  I would go and dig it out to photograph it, but I am already depressed from grading (see above) and just can’t handle any more disappointments tonight.

6. The famously unfinished Lollypop Quilt, this summer’s gigantor Work In Progress.  I just received my next semester’s teaching assignment and it is a class I have taught before (and loved) so I believe things will align in the Sewing Studio just right in order to get it finished.

The last two are on the first 100 Quilts list, but they are still WIPs:
Hunter’s Star quilt, began when my last child went off to college.  He said he didn’t really like it, so I switched up and made him a different one (each child gets a quilt for their bed for their first Christmas season away from home).  Top’s all done.  Not much else. . . and the last WIP recorded in my Quilt Journal is. . .

Millenium Quilt.  In my memory, I didn’t like it much.  But when I pulled it out of the back of the closet to photograph it, I found I did like it.  Plus those fussy cut pieces of fabric referring to the Millenium (the year 2000) are kind of like a bit of my own personal history.

Now like that proverbial woman who stepped on the scale in front of a room full of people, I have to go and hide for a while in order to recover.

Happy WIP Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “A true, blue WIP list

  1. The colors in your autumn quilt are just beautiful. It would be hard for me to eliminate any of your options from the tally. They are all wonderful!

  2. Wow! Your Portuguese Tile Quilt is beautiful. From the thumb print, it almost looks like a whirley gig. It looks a lot like my thumb print, #60. Your antique sewing machine at the top of your blog is to die for !!!! Where did you ever find it?

  3. your tiles quilt is incredible. I just love the colors! and that list of WIPs doesn’t seem one bit embarrassing to me, I’ve got way more! I’d love to make a wedding ring quilt, totally intimidated. do you think a pickledish would be easier?

  4. The Portuguese Tile is absolutely beautiful and Summer Treat is too. As scary as putting all of your unfinished projects out there is, doesn’t it feel better now?

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