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Working in a Series

I think part of my discouragement this week was fatigue.  I’m working a stack of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  There’s probably 40 to 50 different fabrics that I’ve collected over the years, and in this pattern it’s a challenge to get the fabrics to talk to each other within the block.

I can see, though, that working in a series has improved my ability to see what works, as I change out the leaves and some other smaller pieces, as well (above).  I found that I was less enamored of one of the earlier blocks, but it was already appliqued down and I would have been crazy to mess with it.

Here’s the final version of that block.

But I did mess with this one.  The brightly colored circles with red in them are a different line of fabric, Amy Butler, and they stand out among Kaffe’s florals. (Although I am using some Phillip Jacobs, and others from the Westminster line.)

I think the Anna Maria Horner fabric does harmonize well in terms of detail and color (the aqua circles at the top, and the second large circles down from the top, with feathers and berries).

All in all, I am glad I pushed on.  I do love looking at them on the pin wall, although now I’ve turned my eye toward the borders — with more design decisions.  When I went to the Springville, Utah quilt show last summer, a version of this Kim McClellan pattern was done up in softer greens, a lovely quilt and a contrast to the bolder hues usually seen.  In this, you can see the border design.

It was certainly deserving of its blue ribbon.

And you are all blue ribbon readers–many thanks again for your encouragement!

4 thoughts on “Working in a Series

  1. All I can say is your colors are beautiful and the green one is very quiet and serene. The pattern deserves a bright colorful fabric as the name implies saturated color and the Kaffe Fasset fabric is the perfect choice for the pattern. I am doing the pattern and can’t wait to get mine done after seeing these samples.

  2. I’m working on a Jane Brockert quilt now, Swimming Pool, which uses many, many Kaffe Fassett pieces and I’ve decided his fabric designs make you, the quilter, work harder than any other fabric out there – and mostly in a good way! I’ve liked all your choices and am cheering you on to the finish!

  3. You may be less enamored by some early blocks but from my standpoint they are all lovely and blend, one to another, magically. How many blocks are you making. I can hardly wait to see them all together.

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