Something to Think About

Better Than Chocolate

You are all better than chocolate.

You are all better than giving in to discouragement.

In other words, you are all good company through the Quilt Swamp, and I was gratified and encouraged by your comments — thank you, thank you.

So I persevered today, made more difficult by the news from Colorado as I worked slowly, clicking on CNN or NPR or whatever news outlet I could find.  It touched us also closer to home, as the troubled young suspect went to our local Big U as an undergrad, where my husband is chair of the Department of  Neuroscience.  And whose emailbox and phone message box was filled with requests from major news organizations and newspapers for more information.  The Big U’s media office handled all requests, of course, but that something so far away from us can reach out into our lives made me think hard today, and I’m sure you all did the same.  My sympathy and prayers are with the families of those who were injured and slain, but also with the suspect’s family.

So, with a grateful heart for your nice and helpful comments, I wanted to show you what steady work in my studio produced.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more comments on some of the process.  But  tonight, give someone an extra hug.  And send out a thought and a prayer out for those who are suffering.

5 thoughts on “Better Than Chocolate

  1. Congrats you finished. They look absolutely smashing. I knew you would finish. All that is needed iarethe sahings and borders and you will have an absolutely beautiful wallhanging. Be prepared for tons of complements.

  2. Look at all that progress! It’s looking lovely.

    Anytime someone loses their life in something so needless, it’s so sad. I’m so sorry that it’s hitting so close to home for you. The whole thing has my head spun a bit. Here’s hoping for some goodness to come into the lives of those touched by this horror.

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