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Lollypop Block Quilt Swamp

Existential Crisis this morning.

I don’t know how you choose what you’ll make for a quilt, whether it be the fabric pulls you in, or you see a design on someone’s blog or in a magazine.  I chose this for both of those reasons, and now, more than halfway through getting the blocks assembled, I’m thinking: Really?  You really want to make this?  Because even though you’re getting the blocks pinned together, you still have to sew them down.  Then make the sashing (another slew of piecing) and the borders (I’m simplifying the pattern).  Then back it, quilt it, and just how big do you want this to be?  Bed sized?  Wall-hanging?  Who’s going to quilt it–you?

So you could say I’m knee-deep in the quilty swamp.  This is how quilts become UFOs.  Somewhere along the line your fervor for a quilt begins to wane, another fabric group comes along that calls to you from the fabric store, you spend soooo much time on something that you just get sick of it.

No good answers today.  Here are the eight so far: three appliqued down onto the fabric and five pinned together.

A photo of eight with the sunlight streaming onto the blocks in the late afternoon.  I was tired.

Still tired today.

10 thoughts on “Lollypop Block Quilt Swamp

  1. Do you you have pieces cut for a whole bunch more blocks? If so, carry on. Even if you have to let it sit again till next summer, eventually it will get done. Or, if you don’t have a whole bunch of pieces cut and are totally over it, just do one more block and make a 3×3 wall hanging. Or make eight throw pillows. Or a table topper. Or whatever!

    Either way, I think they’re cool.

  2. I’m doing the lollipop trees and am only doing nine blocks because I know that they are a lot of work but I still love the pattern and the material is my all time favorite so don’t give up and only make nine and make it a wall hanging as I am going to do. They are beautiful and you will get so many complements on the project that you will be so glad you finished. So don’t give up and be glad you finished when you get that last one finished. Or if you are really tired pick out your favorite four and make your wall hanging with just four and frame the last ones as separate works of art and hang them around your home.

  3. I’d make them into 8 pillows, line ’em up in a sunny window, admire and call it done! So glad we talked; I’ll just admire what was it, Pandemonium, from afar and be thankful you blazed that trail for me (not to follow :)).

  4. Oh my! My sister just started quilting and she mentioned that she was hating her quilt. I told her to keep working on it. I think we all go through the love, exictement, overwhelmed, and hate fluxes that come with quilting. I have to be honest, I would be thinking the SAME thing looking at all those blocks. But GOSH, it will be GORGEOUS when you are finished and you will know how much work went into it!!!

  5. Amazing workmanship! The blue is my favorite. Way too much work for me. As I have said You are an artist. Your work is wonderful and inspiring. For those who receive yoir quilts I hope they treasure them for that is what they are.

  6. Wow, now I see all those little pins. These blocks are great fun and if you like them I hope you will make more. Or make 9 blocks and wide sashes for a lap quilt or pillows would be good. I seldom continue with a project that is not making me happy, I just don’t have enough time in the rest of my life for my hobbies to spend them feeling a sense of obligation to finish something that is not making me happy.

  7. I never seem to have a set process for how or what I quilt. I generally just get or see an idea or fabric and go to town, though I usually have a purpose in mind. If you carry though and aren’t loving it, I’m sure someone would love to have it in a silent auction or charity drive. You get the benefits of practicing technique without being stuck with the project. And if you don’t want to finish, there may be someone who would take over the project for you so you don’t have to feel guilty about it languishing in a cupboard, though sometimes just putting it away for a while will do wonders for your inspiration and motivation. It’s really pretty, regardless.

  8. I believe that the best part about piecing and blocks is that you havent committed to the “quilt” itself yet. At this point, those blocks are still individual items, waiting to become pillows for your bed, couch, and 4 friends. Or a table runner – 5 blocks in a row, and the remaining three as place mats! The possibilities are endless. Don’t give up on these gorgeous blocks because the idea of a quilt gets you down – you are not stuck yet! Good luck

  9. I love your lollipops and that you have two of each background color at this point. I’d be inclined to put some sort of emptier square in the middle and have a group of nine squares if you really are ready to be done with them. They’re stunning, but my goodness they must be a lot of work.

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