Back into the Lollypop Forest

Yep, the mess is back in my sewing studio.  This is block number six.  After this one, I’m halfway.  Putting down the big petals and leaves is fun and goes quickly, and then it’s the small circles which take up the time.  I’m currently debating the ones dangling from the tips of the magenta leaves: do they work?  Should I go to a different fabric?  What WILL work there?  I’m getting quite a collection of “no, not quite right” pieces in a ziploc bag.  Sometimes I think it’s best to just lay it down and move on, as these trees will be seen in a collection — a riot of colors and shapes and no one item will stand out.  I hope.

Finished my comittment to the Polaroid Blocks and sent them off, but just cut out a bunch more centers (you can see them in the Lolly photo, on the windowsill).  At our group’s quilt day, Lisa had brought out an old project I’d abandoned (anyone remember “I Spy” quilts?) and she let me sneak back a few of those centers.  It was like strolling through a historical section of the quilting timeline, to see some of those fabrics.  So I cut a few more Polaroid centers.

I received an Amazon gift card.  You know what I need to do with these.  READ THEM.

I worked on these when the quilters met, and at the end of the day, took a good look at a couple of the blocks.  Like the blue/green one above.  See the problem (the correct layout is the yellow/lavender block)?  I did unpick the blue/green block, found its companion of green/blue, and swapped out the corner pieces.

Here they are, all arrayed and correct.  This is another Work in Progress.

To see more, head back over to Lee’s Freshly Pieced Blog, where Taryn of from Pixels to Patchwork is the guest host, for another WIP Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Back into the Lollypop Forest

  1. I know its more work, but I would swap out the dangly circles. Too much the same as the tree.
    The polaroids are great! I still remember them from my childhood!

  2. I love your lollypop trees! I think if the circles are worrying you, changing only a couple for a green fabric will do the trick!!

    1. I love it all, the tree is so colourful, the polaroids are too cute and those lovely subdued blocks are also great. I hope you have time to sit and read all those books, they look interesting.

  3. I *love* your lollipop tree as it is! Very cool Polaroid blocks, and the set at the bottom that you’re working on is really, really neat. That’s going to be a fantastic project.

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