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WIP–Happy Birthday!

First off, let me say Happy Birthday to my son, Chad.  He’s grown into quite the man, with a wife and boys of his own, but I still think back to the days when he was my little boy.

And secondly, let me say thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced Fabrics who is hosting this WIP Wednesday.

Third, here’s what I’m working on: finishing up Scrappy Stars.  [Scroll down to the earlier post for the gory details of this quilt top’s finish.]  I’m planning the back, trying to decide if I want to quilt it, or if I want to take it over to my quilter.  I already know I’m binding it in that Quilters Linen fabric–I have some saved.

Other Random Thoughts:
Need to sew three gifts for three different people
It’s end of semester wrap-up with my English class (Research Essay, an in-class essay, and some odds and ends of grammar)
Thinking about summer sewing: what do I want to accomplish?
Eyeing the teetering stacks of fabrics shoved in neatly arranged in my closet
Realized I’ve not made one Cross-X block at all this spring
Nor the planned Sol Lewitt quilt
Haven’t finished that second skirt that I wanted to make
I’m not even going to look at the garage
The new apps for the iPad have been purchased, but I haven’t had time to learn them (couldn’t we use some owner’s manuals about now?  Why is it that only cars get to have them?  And obvious things like toasters?)
Planning which book to do first for the Cindy & Elizabeth Book Stash
Thinking about my gingham quilt–for the Krista & Elizabeth Summer Gingham Quilt-A-Long (go get your gingham if you want to play)

And finally,
Doing the Scrappy Stars quilt has taught me that I need to think more carefully about what I want to work on.  If I were a young quilter, the universe of quilts would stretch out before me and I wouldn’t have to prioritize.  But one of the frustrations of the Scrappy Star was the time limitations.  We always have fabric limitations, I know, but I was ready to be done with that thing long before it was to the “done” point, and was getting cranky at how much time I was spending spinning my wheels, going nowhere.

Time can be a friend or foe, and it’s not like I’m going to kick the bucket here anytime soon, but I’m just saying that the perception of limited time is something I think about, and have heard echoed in other quilters’ blogs. I remember when Chad was little, the children tick-tocked my day away, then they grew and were gone.  Now my day’s clock is driven less by external forces than by the realization that the day seems to slip away too quickly, and I’m once again, crunched for time.

12 thoughts on “WIP–Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Mine are still small, and the thought that they will be grown up so soon somehow scares me…
    The scrappy squares are beautiful!

  2. I think your scrappy stars are lovely – and the colour combination is just joyful. Love your Babe reference – after all your struggling with it I think this quilt will more than do:-)

  3. That is a lovely picture of you and your son. I love how the quilt is turning out, some quilts seem to take a lot more work than others. For me, the quilting time is very much needed time to decompress so the actual products are more of an extra as opposed to the point of the time spent. If I am not having fun I just set a project aside, maybe forever, and go onto another.

  4. Loved your final decision with the Scrappy Stars. Also enjoyed reading about time. My husband semi-retired last year, and we are really enjoying our time and our new move. But we have started to prioritize where we travel and what projects are really important to us as the statement “we have the rest of our lives” doesn’t mean what it used to.

  5. I love that picture of you and your son. Your Scrappy Stars turned out to be just beautiful–which I knew it would. It has been an interesting journey to follow.

    Ah, time…it just seems to be traveling so much faster right now…

    And I had an idea I need to run by you…we should talk.

  6. Love the sweet birthday picture.
    Yes, as a young woman the quilts I wanted to make stretched beyond any idea of time. Now that I’m conscious of the way time limits my quiltmaking, I’m driven to be more careful about what I choose to do.

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