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Pieces to Scrappy Stars


I finished the first gift–a pillowcase for my son Chad who is always traveling. Because of the London Olympics this year, there is lots of fabric with British themes, and the whitish area has a map of the London tube system.. The black fabric is a piece I picked up in NY when we were there last fall– and met Chad for a day of touristing around. (Chad is the little tyke in the last post.)


I wanted to show the pieces I used in Scrappy Stars. They are all a variation of that diamond.


I copied off extra diamonds and added seam allowances to make these extra pieces. For the half- diamond insets in the red inner border, just fold the diamond in half and add some seam allowance.

I’m waiting here at the airport, waiting to take off to see my parents in Utah, and am posting via my iPad. Have any of you converted to this device? Do you find the posting tedious or convenient? I did pick up a gizmo that allows me to upload photos from my camera. I showed my son while we were at lunch and he said, Oh yeah. I have one of those! Why is it that I always feel about two skips behind everyone else? Story of my life.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Pieces to Scrappy Stars

  1. Cool pillowcase!

    I have an iPad and use it a lot but I haven’t posted from it yet. I use Blogger and I know there’s an app, I even have it installed, but since I’d have to sync photos to it first, I just use my laptop. Quicker in the long run.

  2. i was quite enjoying my ipad until i stopped internet at my house… it only had wifi, not 3G, which if I could go back in time i would spring for. owell! if you find posting tedious, try out other apps besides the free blogger app, i’ve heard there are a couple pay-for apps that work and are worth the money. just read the reviews! cute pillowcase, what a lucky son! i haven’t been stitching anything lately, but the sewing room has two coats of white paint (methinks it needs one more), there is a new double knockout rose and some other flowers in the ground and the deck in my backyard is halfway torn out, so im feeling quite productive!!

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