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Quilt Night–June version

So why did we have June’s Quilt Night in May?  Next Friday is the last day of school for most of the teachers in our group, so we thought by jumping it ahead we might be able to avoid Zombie Quilt Night.

Yes, this could have been us last night.  I had my grandsons for the weekend–which was fun, but tiring–and the others were teachers and tired professionals who came just by themselves, or with a hand project.  When someone asked Tauni what I was working on–I had brought down the sewing machine and had the Lollypop Tree block there, but at that moment was sitting over in the comfy red leather chairs visiting with Jean–Tauni glanced at me and said “Small talk.”  I laughed.  Yep–that’s about all I was good for.  But in my defense, Jean was headed to DC and since I had lived there for a year, I was giving her tips for her visit.

Others had been productive; here’s some of their achievements:

This is Connie’s quilt for a friend–all done with machine applique (a lovely line of zig-zag stitching around everything).  Connie said she chose a quick pattern this time for a quilt, and Lisa and I burst out laughing.  You ought to see Connie’s complicated quilts!

We recommended using some dye absorber if the recipient ever decided to wash it.

Laurel had been very productive with making these large (20″?) stars of multiple dotty fabrics.

Here they all are together (line-up was done digitally on my computer).

Tauni had finished this quilt top, and then when Jean arrived. . .

. . . got her second quilt back.  This was a friendship group challenge–to make a chubby log cabin block with modern and/or Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  My blocks are still in the bag!

Lisa’s first project of the night was to fix her daughter’s “promotion dress.”  Slight dressmaking adjustments. Then she put the borders on this wonderful quilt, made from a Bonnie McCaffrey block.

Lisa was the first to go, as she had “a date with the pavement in the morning” (she’s a marathoner).  The rest of us lovely zombie quilters slowly packed up and the night was over.  Who knows what July’s quilt night will bring?  It’s scheduled for the  4th of July weekend!

Happy Quilting!

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