Gone Fishin’

Not really, but I just returned from a family reunion in Zion National Park in Southern Utah.  This was just after the rainstorm, and the Watchman Mountain was reflected in a puddle.  It is glorious waking up to, and going to sleep to this sight, as our campground is just below its colorful beauty.

Not only was the place beautiful and with wonderful people, which were made all the better when I discovered that an in-law (the wife of one of the young cousins) loves to quilt!  I dragged out the quilt I had on my sleeping bag to show her.  “Brights,” she said.  She likes the Reproduction fabrics, a more subdued palatte than the one below.  I keep this quilt in the car as it’s smaller.  It was really cold that first night (43 degrees) so I was glad I had brought it along.

This was a mystery quilt done by my guild, and I had a stash of fabrics from Me and My Sister Designs, which all worked together just fine. I have never named this one, but generally refer to it as “the bright mystery quilt.”

True confession: I generally HATE mystery quilts.  I’ve done several and I feel totally constrained by not knowing how the fabrics will work together, or where the darks/lights/colors will end up.  Some of the rows in the above quilt worked okay, and some didn’t.  Maybe that’s why I keep this in my car!

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. What a spectacular setting for a family reunion. Your photo is beautiful and captures the expansive scenery perfectly! I’ll be doing a similar trip in July, meeting up with family from Missouri and Germany for a week in the Zion National Park area. Sure hope I am as lucky as you and discover a fellow quilter in the family!

  2. I did okay on the one mystery quilt I have done, but the lady supervising it told us which fabric should be multicolor and how the other two would co-ordinate. I can see how that would be annoying. You drove right past my house. I live in Hurricane, which you have to pass through to get to Zion National Park. That is a beautiful picture of the Watchman.

  3. My guild had a mystery quilt project a couple of years ago. We were told if we made the top in red, white, and blue we could donate it to an organization which would finish it and give it to a wounded soldier. So I did it. All was fine until i got to the border, which was made up of a thousand (at least it seemed that many) flying geese. Right away the quilt rejected the geese and was quite happy with the much plainer border I chose to use instead! I hope the quilt was finished and is being enjoyed by whoever received it.

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