Saturday Check-in

Four-In-Art quilts hung up

We put the Four-In-Art Quilts up above my window in my sewing room.  I like seeing them all lined up.  I don’t really live in a jungle.  It just looks like it from this window, with the mature trees in the background, the silk oak tree on the side, and my wild wisteria vines in the foreground.

Sewing skirts

I keep putting this off, but I’m desperate for a new skirt for school.  Anna Maria Horner’s feathers in linen-cotton need to be sewn up.

Lori Holt's newest

Fabricworm is tempting me with their Bundles Sale.  I have this in the basket as well as as:

ContempoDwellingsGuestHouseContempo, Dwellings in the Guest House colorations, and. . .


Tule by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery.

Whether or not I’ll press “purchase” remains to be seen, but it’s fun to look at what’s new and do some dreaming!  What are you doing?


Hot Mitts, take two

Just a little something I put together. . .

Kim Hot Mitts

. . .for my daughter-in-law Kim, who, when I posted them on Instagram said she liked them and “hint, hint.”  I was happy she wanted some!  They were for her birthday.


I used Malka Dubrowsky’s fabric again, as it hides cake-mix-on-thumbs really well.

Quilting hot mitts back

I liked how the quilting looked from the back, on the heat-repellant fabric.  Click *here* for a pattern and how-to’s.

Sam Graduation

My husband and I drove in and attended my nephew’s graduation from University of Southern California, known for its well-endowed education in an academic sense.  In other words, lotsa money at this place.  Congratulations on finishing law school!

USC reception

They had a little reception afterwards and it was like a garden wedding–and delicious.

St. Honore Bottega Louie

But we took off and met the rest of the family at Bottega Louie, where this cool-looking St. Honore caught my eye in the dessert case.  Instead of trying to figure out how to get it home in one piece, I bought macarons in five different colors, and shared them all weekend with my husband.

But I have bigger news about this family gathering in the next post.  (No, I am not pregnant.)  Stay tuned.