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Spiders, Quilty-Style

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Beach Umbrellas made by Cindy Wiens of LiveAColorfulLife

Check out this gorgeous quilt from Cindy. It has a block that is a familiar patchwork pattern: and it’s a free patchwork pattern from a reworked patchwork pattern. Cindy of Liveacolorfullife and I chat back and forth occasionally and we happened to strike up a conversation about this block, from March 2015 Mid-Century Modern Bee:

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We were trying to remember how we made these blocks for Cindy’s turn as Queen Bee in the Mid-Century Modern back in 2014, but when we headed to the linked blog that had the instructions — it was No Longer in Service. She was trying to finish up her quilt, so we tried another place. No Longer in Service. Somehow I think of the internet as being eternal, like a good book, but obviously the joke is on me for that one.

So I started drafting things in my Affinity Designer, then I dug up an old handout for the small quilting group we had Before Covid, and combined them. So I have another free pattern for SpiderWeb for you, but since it’s under the PatternLite series, it will be found over in my Pattern Shop. I’ll have it on 100% FREE! until the end of the month, where it will be my usual PatternLite price: less than a fancy drink at Starbucks.

While it is for free, consider clicking on Follow as a thank you, and to keep up with my shenanigans. Cindy and I are doing this in tandem, so she’ll also have it on her blog, LiveAColorfulLife — so head over there and read about her goings on and follow her, too. Cindy is an amazing quilter, and has done the hard work and compiled a visual list of all her quilts. Number 219 is one of my current favorites, but there are others that have caught my eye.

To find the free pattern: click on link below.

Click! SpiderWeb block pattern in three sizes, on PayHip (my pattern shop).

But from Spiderwebs, we must move on to October’s beginnings, which includes these two motifs: black cats and pumpkins. These are pillow tops that I’m sending to another DIL, who loves Halloween. I hope she likes them. She has a nook in her upstairs bedroom that we would all covet: a large Palladian window with a loveseat, filled with cushions and pillows. I was thinking about those when I made these, two from my collection of Riley Blake Pillows from last year that I saved for her.

I included this homemade card. Download the blank and send some to people you love:

Lastly, we passed the Autumn Equinox on September 22, so the days are getting longer. So are the shadows of my silverware.

Happy October, everyone!

P.S. One year we lived in Alexandria, VA and the leaf colors that year were spectacular. I would bring home fistfuls of beautiful leaves, lay them out on my flatbed scanner to scan and save them. These are some my husband brought home one day. No–we don’t have gorgeous fall color here, but come January — we have a few trees that will turn red. All of you who live in fall color territory are so lucky!

11 thoughts on “Spiders, Quilty-Style

  1. You are always so generous to share your talents, thank you!!! The pattern is fun and as a Halloween fabric collector, that is certainly a possibility. BUT I do have a ton of solids and am thinking it’s time to cull those storage containers. Perfect pattern!! And your Halloween card is just right for a quick note 🙂 Fall is my absolute fav season so I’m in my element here in the mid-Atlantic.

  2. Thank you for the pattern and the cute card! I love the pillows you made for your DIL. I have added Cindy’s blog to my Feedly list, too.

  3. Thanks for the spiderweb block! I loved making the one for Cindy, way back in March 2014…seems like a lifetime ago! I’ve always wanted to make a spiderweb quilt and the inspiration here is pushing me to start! (BTW I think my days are getting longer, while yours are getting shorter). I think I should send a “Boo!” card to my grandsons!

  4. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. It’s such a fun pattern. I did one years ago, but it might be time to revisit the pattern. Love Cindy’s version! The pillows are wonderful too. She is going to love them in her nook. With my passion for orange, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for decorating too.

  5. Thanks for all the kind things you said about me. 🙂 Thanks also SO much for your help in drafting the template so I could complete the quilt. I love how it turned out, and it most special because of all the blocks from dear friends. Also, your card is adorable. Thanks for the generous download.

  6. Thanks for the spiderweb block. I just love how Cindy’s quilt turned out. Her shadow blocks along the edge are terrific. I bought a spiderweb ruler awhile back because I have an idea . . . just haven’t made time to start it.

  7. Thank you for the Spiderweb pattern – another quilt on my very long “to do” list! I know your DIL will love the pillows. Count me one of those lucky ones enjoying fall colors and weather. Always enjoy your posts!🙂

  8. Thank you! As soon as I saw that quilt I thought, “I need to draft that pattern”, so it’s EXTRA nice that you’ve done it for me–and in 3 sizes, too! I appreciate your efforts!

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