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Looking Out the Window

So often I spend days cramming it all in. I read Instagram, blogs, news, newspapers, and the sides of cereal boxes if there’s nothing else. I store up lists of patterns, of quilts to make. In the window of time I have in the day, I join sewing groups, plan trips to quilt conferences. Others head out on retreats, but all of us are filling up the spaces over and over and over.

The last two days I’ve been emptying out, which often happens when you leave home and live in a hotel space and walk in a strange city and ride busses (thankfully, given the time of Covid, they are somewhat empty). That first day is like detox, and you are anxious to pull out the stitchery in your bag, or read something or sew something, anything.

Then you find this notice on a crosswalk button and you smile. You have ten places to chose from for lunch, if you keep walking. You had great cookies yesterday, so you know where to find those today.

You notice where the tracery of pulled-off ivy creates a conversation with succulents and images inked in below.

You think: this would be a great wall for a quilt photo, and you see other nooks, crannies, painted spaces, architecture, houses. You notice.

At the end of looking out of windows in hotels, busses, beauty shops (when you decide to get a haircut), your busy life hovers at the edges. It’s now looking in at you, waiting for you to come and pick it up again and make colors and fabrics dance in lines and curves and triangles.


Also coming in the next post: Block Three of the New York Beauties series, plus some insight into how I figure out some of the weirdness of FPP.

12 thoughts on “Looking Out the Window

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and I followed your posting trail about FPP all the way back to 2018 I think! I had never thought to use vellum. That makes a lot of sense. I will certainly get some of that before I try that again.

  2. You are so spot on – taking a breather from busyness can give a new perspective – and we breathe again. Glad you got a time away for refreshing your soul.

  3. The breaks are always so welcomed, but I tend to get that itch to get back to my creative space after a few days away. It looked like a fun trip.

  4. You cheered me up! Even though I’m looking out the same old windows. Today there’s rain and thunder, and the little tree frogs are beginning to appear, so it’s not too bad.

  5. I always love your posts! Thanks for opening your heart and sharing your perspective. You make our world and each of us better! We appreciate you so much!

  6. Thanks for the food for thought. I’ve become a very much a homebody, probably way overdue that I take a trip outside of the SoCal area and get some new perspectives. Yummy images, hard to pick a favorite. I liked the last one very much because it made me think of Rennie Mackintosh – his roses. Not sure what the artist intended on the building but that’s where my brain went. 😉

  7. Thank you for your words. You captured my feelings of this past week when I had the chance to get out of town for a day and enjoy the bigger world instead of my little world within my home where I spend so much (maybe too much) of my time. I’m a home body and can easily forget how wonderful and inspiring being out there can be.

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