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June Fun • Why not?

This is the final pillow of the series of twelve from Riley Blake and I was supposed to make it for June. Except I got sidetracked:

I decided to make this instead. Much more interesting, less anemic.

Then I went here in my brain:

And then I wised up:

Focus. So how about one block at a time?


So you could make a mini-quilt or a pillow?

Block #1: Wild Sunflower is in my pattern shop if you want to go and get it.

Every Wednesday in June I’ll put up another block, and take down the previous. I guess I’m going through withdrawal after Heart’s Garden. But I want a 9-inch block. Most blocks are 8 inches. So there’s some splicing to do on a couple of pieces. But really–any project goes faster if it’s bigger blocks, right?

So you can put up with splicing together a couple of pieces? In thinking about the New York Beauty block…I mean there are a billion New York Beauty blocks out there on the web, free, in patterns, in a book, in several books. We must really love New York Beauty blocks, I think.

Let’s just start with one step. One block: Wild Sunflower. I did have fun naming all my blocks. You’ll see all the names in the pattern. Blocks? Names? Yes, I didn’t really stop playing around until I had designed eight blocks, and then I was tired (see cartoon, above). They aren’t fancy-schmancy with flying geese and everything. (THAT book has already been written.) But if you just want a fun June project, here ‘ya go. You can always save the patterns for later, if you are already up to here (makes motion at eyeballs) with lists of quilting projects.

Confession: I used to hate FPP: Foundation Paper Piecing. Then I took a class at QuiltCon from the Pride and Joy Quilting lady, Verushka Zarate, and a big lightbulb went on inside my head. This is her trick of ripping away the seam allowance paper if you don’t need it (but sometimes you do). She has an online course, if she isn’t appearing in person somewhere close to you.

And my trick is to draw the outside corner seam allowance 1/4″ past the pattern, so you have some scooch room when trimming up. Just place the 9-1/4″ mark on each end of the arc, then trim.

Wild Sunflower, done. And I actually had fun! I titled this series New York Beauties, and then subtitled it “for Barbara.” She’s my daughter and was born in New York and would live there the rest of her life, if she could–it’s such a strong attraction. So I think of her when I’m working on this.

Totoro and Maya are helping out

Thanks to all who entered in the drawing for some Sew Sassy. I actually found extra spools, so I chose four winners. Check your email box for the email around noon. Tomorrow I’m going to sleep in!

Just breathe…then quilt!

13 thoughts on “June Fun • Why not?

  1. Oh, I love your pattern so much better than the original! I’ve made a few N.Y. Beauty blocks in the past. Looks like I will be making some more soon! Thank you for sharing the patterns and for the tip!

  2. This is the cutest! NYB always brings me back to Susan and my first Gridster bee block.

    It is possible “macaron” flitted through my mind and now Barb is all over my reels! Those algorithms!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern with your readers! I’ve never made a New York Beauty block before, and I have to admit that paper piecing isn’t my favorite. But this design!!! A real beauty indeed!

  4. Oh My! You’ve done it again. Designing things I want to make when I already have a zillion projects on my to do list. I love the coloring of your mock-up. It even makes me want to use all solids which I rarely do. Thanks for the download. Can’t promise I’ll get to it anytime soon though. There’s that long list waiting for my attention and not enough time. But just one step at a time and I might get there.

  5. I LOVE NYB quilts/blocks. These look so pretty. I may have to join your journey here. Thanks so much for the fun times and design.

  6. Thank you so much for these patterns! I’ve always wanted to make a NY Beauties quilt. Even have a few done, but they weren’t paper pieced and I didn’t know what I was doing, so your clear instructions will smooth out my path.

  7. YES!!!!!!! These are the happiest and most summer-fun Beauties I’ve ever seen, thank you! And even in the midst of my FOCUS year, I’m doing these, now, so bless you. Will likely use the same colors you’ve used because my solids stash is so healthy, maybe inserting some “plays like a solid” if I feel the need.

  8. I was also going to remind you of the NYB block you made for me in the Gridster bee, but Carol got to it first! Your design is lovely but with a ‘to-do’ list getting longer every day, I may pass on this one. Although I do love the colour palette you’ve chosen. So much different to the dark wintery tones of mine.

  9. And you just continue your generosity, thank you so much! I’m another who probably won’t get to it now but I’ve already downloaded the first pattern! I need to finish my Hearts Garden and not head to the “new shiny thing”😊😆

  10. Well it’s apparent you were having way too much fun at the computer! Looks like you’ve come up with a fun block (or eight!) and a great layout for them. Love the colors you’re choosing to put together. Hope you have a lot of quilters sewing with you!

  11. Thank you for the lovely NY Beauty Block. I have several of you aforementioned books as this has been on the bucket list for a while. What paper are you using for your foundation? It looks very crisp. Velum? Where do you get it?

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