This and That • Should have been September 2021

Everything I’ve done lately has been done lately.

I did get this block made in September for Bette, and did send it off on time, but never posted about it, so here we are, October 3rd and there you go. You can download the foundation paper-pieced pattern from here. Each quadrant is a six-inch block. This is for our Gridster Bee quilt group and if you want some quilty eye-candy, here’s our space on the web. One of the things I like about this group is that we are all so varied, there are a lot of interesting blocks to experiment with.

And I’m totally on deadline for October’s block, just as soon as I look it up and remember what it is.

I know this is blurry and tiny, but you had to see it. The Metropolitan Costume Division of Wild and Crazy and How Does That Dress Stay On? recently had another one of their galas–this time in September because the May 2021 and the May 2020 were cancelled. The theme is American Patchwork or something like that, and of course, all we quilters cringe a little, because what THEY think is patchwork and what WE think is patchwork often are not the same thing.

But check out this hexie dress!! I’m in total love with it. Either she was one of the Vogue Magazine Staffers or Someone Not Important Who Was Fully Dressed, but she didn’t show up in any of the “after” photos. A Famous Quilter helped with one of the “outfits” which although I have high regard for the quilter, I was sort of Meh, or Meh-Minus, about the get-up. It’s up to you to find the calico bubble quilt, draped over the shoulders of somebody famous.

I get these letters all the time. I’ll forward them on to you, if you are interested. The internets is a funny place.

I can now make macarons, digitally, using Affinity Designer. I’ve been working on a logo for my daughter, and I’m pretty excited that I learned how to use the gradiant tool to give these sweet treats some dimension.

She owes me real macarons.

Iron died. Had to use my travel iron during the workshop, and yes, I’ve bought a new iron, but I like my old Sunbeam iron a LOT more than the new cheap-o Model of Rowenta (not shown) I purchased. So, hating the Rowenta from Target, I bought a new Sunbeam iron on Amazon, which is perfect: it gets hot, doesn’t spit or drip, is smallish so I don’t feel like I’m dragging an anvil around every time I pick up the iron and doesn’t pack as much wattage so the lights in my oldish house don’t dim as much as when the massive wattage irons click on to heat. I never buy fancy irons, by the way. Check back with me in five years to see if it’s still good. My first cheap iron lasted 25 years, but they don’t make them like they used to.

One of my readers sent me her version of four of my free SHINE blocks (here on this website). I love what she’s done! You all are so inventive and interesting and creative–if you use one of my patterns, send over a photo. Thank you Veroniqué!

Okay, this is random, but we went to Forest Lawn to see a stained glass exhibit. Yes, we were at a cemetary, but check out this brickwork. I asked inside if this was built to be a house or something and she said, No–always a mortuary. Famous People Buried Here: a list, but I almost didn’t know a lot of them (there are a few I did know, like George Burns, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor and The Lone Ranger). Apparently it was the thing to see in the day, as my parents visited this place while on their honeymoon in the 1940s.

A N D…I did finish my September pillow, a whole ten days before the end of the month. I already see things I want to fix in that quilting, but it will have to wait until October. I’m not unsquishing the pillow form out now.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

Keep Quilting!

12 thoughts on “This and That • Should have been September 2021

  1. I always enjoy your posts. This one was chock full of so many interesting things. The palm tree block is beautiful to perfection. A very accomplished brick mason must have designed that morturary. Maybe their mother was a quilter? With all of you accomplishments, you still buy inexpensive lightweight irons. I don’t feel so bad now for not buying the expensive ones. I think your last comment was so fitting for me for last week. “NEXT WEEK HAS BEEN EXHAUSTING!”

  2. I love that iron! And it stays on quite a long time. I marked a date on mine with a sharpie to see how long it lasts. I rarely get more than two years out of an iron.

    This is one of your best blog posts ever!

  3. I remember a road trip when I was 8 and we crossed the country from Ohio to California, up the coast to Washington and then home; Forest Lawn was one of the highlights. Of course I wasn’t noticing brick work then.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth, for such a newsie post. Love that gorgeous brickwork—thanks for sharing the photo. Glad to know I’m not the only quilter who prefers Sunbeam irons.

  5. That was quite a mash-up of things. (I started to say menage, but I can’t get the accent over the e on my computer.) I’m happy to say my spam filter removes most of the letters of the type you posted. As well as the notices that I have won the lottery in some obscure foreign country, etc, etc. Eek.

  6. I love that pillow, and I had to laugh about the iron. I think I bought the exact same iron and I hate it. I’ve bought three Rowentas in various price ranges, and the Sunbeam beats them all.

  7. No expensive irons for me either! My last 2 irons have been simple, inexpensive Rowentas. The first lasted at least 10 years and I’ve had the second nearly that long now too, with heavy use! Spending hundreds of dollars on an iron seems crazy to me!

  8. Your daughter owes you a lifetime of macarons. Hope you get enjoy all the colors and flavors every single day. I love how you notice all the details fo places yo visit. You have a great eye for patterns.

  9. My parents were married in the Little Church of the Flowers at Forest Lawn Glendale, in 1933. And their graves are there, too.

  10. Just catching up here after being gone…. I love that palm leaves block and your pillow looks so sweet on the bed. I chuckled at the hexie dress. That’s fabulous! Who would have thought to make a dress out of them? Bet your daughter loved the cute design you created for her. Well done.

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