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This and That • August 2020

I’m teaching another live-online class today, and placed the Criss-Cross Christmas on the design wall, then layered on the Criss-Cross Autumn, and when I started making colorful blocks for another version, up they went too! I like the look of them all together, but they really will be three separate quilts.

Here’s the final version of Criss-Cross Autumn, a bit more vibrant than what’s in the mash-up image. For the binding, I kept it simple: I sewed together the leftover strips, and used a simple single-fold binding approach.

I drew out some design ideas on a picture of my quilt with the photo lightened up, so I could sort of see what might work. There’s a lot going on in this quilt, and I didn’t want the quilt to overpower it.

I loved the idea from Linda of Flourishing Palms, where she mentioned she was including “Made during the Covid-19 Pandemic” onto her labels (or similar wording). So I added it to this one, too.

Speaking of labels, I finally finished the label for this one (my version of My Small World from Jen Kingwell), and got it sewn on. Obviously you can see that it took a hit during covid time–didn’t the earth sort of stop still in March? I finished this by the end of January, went to QuiltCon in February, came home and started buying truckloads of groceries, preparing for the pandemic, and just now got the label sewn on.

I’ve also been listening to this while sewing: I have Bette to blame as she recommended it, and I can hardly wait to keep listening.

I just finished The Authenticity Project, and can recommend it if you need a med-light read with interesting characters. It’s also set in London, which means we Americans get to hear a British accent while listening.

I happened on to this talk, presented by the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and really enjoyed seeing Ms. Montgomery’s swing coats. There are other Textile Talks to listen to, if you are interested.

I finished up my Gridster Bee block, a free download, and Linda asked us to use cool colors and low volumes, and leave the four quarters unsewn. This was fun to do!

Moving right along with This and That, we first did the front of this puzzle (the Falling Water house by Frank Lloyd Wright), then tackled doing the reverse. We did okay on the center part, then floundered with all the blues. So I started flipping them over, grouping them by colors, and then flipping them back. We just have to DO the puzzle, right? There are no rules as to how you get it done, right?

New project, using Jennifer Sampou’s SKY fabrics. Luscious. Coming soon.

The above two images go together: the brown smoky skyline, which is not a beautiful sunset, but a layer of smoke drift from California fires, coupled with the line-up of temperatures coming our way. I’m not leaving the house on Tuesday.

The the following three images are linked: a countdown clock for the U.S. Elections, a visually interesting and textural image of Kamala Harris, and a Trump cartoon from 2018, which popped up in my Instagram feed today, strangely prescient for this year’s election.

from here
from 2018, from here

Brendan Loper, the artist, writes “Strangely enough this toon was featured in Russia Today comparing it to a soviet political cartoon about western voting practices.”

Lastly, this is where I’ll be today. I laughed when I saw this. This might be partly true for my Zoom-trunk shows; I usually put up a quilt behind me, blocking the view. When I Zoom-teach in my sewing room, however, everything has to be spic and span, because so much can be seen.

A big thank you to all who wrote such lovely descriptions of their gardens, their terrain and what they see around them on my last post. My husband and I took turns pointing out our favorites (which turned out to be ALL of them), and it was like a lovely armchair travel through all your backyards. Sigh. If only I could come and visit you all…I would!

Right now, my tomatoes are hanging on for dear life, and with the 111 temps coming this next week, I’ll have pre-cooked tomatoes to harvest (yes, we even tried putting cupcake wrappers to protect them–this last week we moved their pots into partial shade). Everything’s getting browner: the sky, the hills, the garden, and every day I see air quality advisories warning me that it’s probably not good to go outside and try to inhale the muddy-colored atmosphere. Our summer is like an East Coast winter: we stay inside, keep the A/C at a comfortable-but-not-too-cool level, and sew our brains out.

picture from the 1918 pandemic

I’ll be working on the project with the SKY fabric, prepping up another live-online class, and waiting for the “bers” in the calendar to arrive: September, October, November and December. I actually thought about Christmas today. This year has been so totally and completely crazy, I wondered if I would jinx the season of Let’s Be Jolly by even thinking about it.

So, let’s just keep going, putting right sides together and stitching memories into our quilts.

12 thoughts on “This and That • August 2020

  1. I did a happy dance when I saw your blogpost in my inbox. We are having morning coffee together. Thanks for continuing to post your this-es and thats.

  2. It’s so good to see the variety of activities that are keeping you on your toes these days! I sure like the Mish-Mash version of your Cross-Cross quilt, but then I’m always a softie when it comes to scrap quilts – bright, bright and bright. Thanks for the label shout-out. Another package of EQ Printables arrived in my mail, so I can go even a little further back to label a few 2019 quilts. Catching up feels so good though! Did you buy the Sky fabric at QuiltCon? I saw it there and just couldn’t imagine how I’d use it, so I didn’t buy any. My loss. So sorry about your unceasing hot weather! We think it’s hot here in Florida, when it’s in the 90s everyday, but then we get the daily, late afternoon rains too, so at least everything is green and flowering. I hope you can save your tomatoes. Cute cartoon about the different meeting zones… because it’s true. Even taking an online class prompts me to do some clean-up, as I am doing this Saturday morning because I’ll be in Jenny Hayne’s “Twice Cut Drunkard’s Path” workshop this afternoon. So excited! It’s interesting to see the 1918 mask picture because it made me feel sorry for them to not have pretty quilting cottons to wear. 🙂 Keep having fun teaching your Zoom workshops. I think it would be marvelous to do… and beats the heck out of what I’ll have to do – refund monies for part two of a workshop I was to have taught in March. Thought we’d get it to work out to hold an in-person class. Darn. Have a good weekend!

  3. Your Criss Cross quilts are so pretty in the different colors. You are so good about your labeling. I get to excited to move on to the next project. ;(. Those are some toasty temps you are going to be getting. We met my brother and his wife for lunch yesterday near Solvang and it was 106* – a bit warm for a picnic in the park! That puzzle looks challenging. It’s a good way to spend hours.

  4. This made me laugh. “Our summer is like an East Coast winter.” I, too, will not be leaving the house unless necessary this week. More time to sew! Yay! Can’t wait to see the SKY fabric. 🙂

  5. Wish we could engineer a way where you get some of our rain and we get just a tad of your sunny (albeit hot) days! Today alone (and it’s still morning) and we’re up to over 3″ of rain. What a jam-packed post – all GOOD! And I’m delighted to see you’re reading Julia Spencer-Fleming – she’s just so, so good. Cannot wait to see what you’ll do with Sky – I think it has all kinds of possibilities! Hope today goes well.

  6. The zoom meeting picture is so very accurate! My husband put our moveable ping pong table behind him so that nobody can see all the boxes that are behind that

  7. That online meeting cartoon gave me a belly laugh. Too, too true.
    Puzzles: I always assembled them by color. My ex by shape. His approach had never occurred to me before seeing its value in monochrome puzzles.

  8. Your comment, “Keep going, putting the right sides together” is great for now!!
    I need to remember and share that thought!

  9. Thank goodness in my live Microsoft teams meetings I can blur the background or even add my own background. My sewing room is hidden from prying 12-y-o eyes! Thanks for the book recommendations- I’ll be on the lookout for those. All you sewing looks great. I especially love the quilting on your Autumnal CrissCross quilt.

  10. You are being so productive and I love your Criss Cross quilts, especially the autumn one. So glad about Kamala Harris. Thanks for the book recommendations. I’m sorry about your fires and air quality – it’s such a shame and I’m sure the last thing people need during COVID. We have the extreme heat and humidity in Tokyo with frequent warnings about heat stroke. It’s awful and basically I stay inside. I’d trade a New England winter for this, any day!

  11. Goodness you are busy! Love the criss-cross quilts, but my fave is at the end–the picture of the 1918 pandemic. I had wondered if people wore masks but hadn’t bothered to research it.

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