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Happy Fifth of July Block!

I couldn’t just stop at one, could I? After all the original Shine quilt has sixteen. Let’s just say I have been busy, although given the CovidSludgeyFeeling that all of us have, it’s sometimes been difficult to power through.

But I’m feeling good this particular day (let’s not talk about last Thursday, shall we?) and so I am pressing forward with some Red, White and Blue creations to brighten up your mailbox.

I call this block Sunshine. (I’m sure that is a big surprise.) And we’ll get a lot of it with temps soaring into the near-100s this week.

I’m not shy, says Mr. Sunshine. I’ll show you my backside.

Pattern coming soon. Happy Fifth of July!

(Apparently this is also Mechanical Pencil Day, Bikini Day (invented in 1946), and in various countries, Independence Day.)

Original Shine: The Circles Quilt

15 thoughts on “Happy Fifth of July Block!

  1. These are so cheery and happy -and beautifully done. Having sewn one EPP Dresden / “Sun Shine” (?) in my life, I’m amazed you can do one in one day! I know…. Practice…. 🙂

  2. The fabrics and the block look so pretty. When the blocks are all in a quilt, it will be just as festive as the original.

  3. I just found you and as a new quilter I’d love to learn more work like this. How can I follow you? Can I share this with an experience d paper piecer for additional guidance?

  4. I love the 5th block! Your work is so precise. The back is equally beautiful. Very inspirational.

  5. I just love seeing your red, white, and blue blocks. This color scheme was meant to be for Shine. It’s going to be spectacular.

  6. OK, that is real confidence to show the back of the block! It is so neat that at first glance i thought it was a variation on the design rather than the back of the design! Good for you! And the block is really cute, too.

  7. Kinda a racy post, what with Mr. Sunshine. 😳 I’ll refrain from celebrating Bikini Day, but I can go along with pulling out a pencil that clicks.

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