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Mini Double-Pocket Bag • aka Mini Sew-Together Bag

Sound the trumpets! Today is finally the day that I’m releasing my pattern for the Mini Double-Pocket Bag. I know the title at the top of the post is long, but hang on to your handbags, because so is this post.

Mini Double-pocket Zipper Bag, number 236 on Quilt Index

You all know that BluPrint/Craftsy has bit the dust, possibly due to the coronavirus, but possibly not. I used to have a slew of patterns on there, but after the purge of Craftsy to BluPrint, they allowed me one. And that one was my more simple attempt to get the dimensions out there for the mini version.

But it’s not been satisfactory to me. I felt I should give you better.
Short version of this story: It’s Time.

It’s time to have a stand-alone pattern for my Mini Double-Pocket Bag, that also has instructions, so you can take this pattern to your retreat that is in the mountains or at the sea shore and STILL be able to make the bag, without relying on the Internet.

This version has two pockets. The yellow Mini Double-Pocket Bag I made has two zippers, that open from opposite ends. The other two bags (red and blue) slide open from the same side. I like to change things up.

I spent more than a few hours making over 64 (full-color!) illustrations to go in this pattern. I didn’t want any of you to get lost along the way. I used three pieces of software: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher. I recommend them verrrry highly if you are someone who wishes they’d majored in Graphic Design in college and more than once in the last week has mentioned this to their husband. (Yes, you’ll have a learning curve, but there are lots of resources to help you online.) This pattern is ALL MY OWN WORK.

To proof these bags, I sent patterns to Cindy of LiveAColorful Life, and Carol @carolgillen and they both suggested some minor changes; both were happy with the multiple and detailed illustrations. Thank you to both of those amazing ladies!

This is what the pattern looks like over at my pattern shop on PayHip.

I tweaked some measurements, dove deep into the making so I could understand other components, and added a few twists of my own.

And why do we all like to make this thing? I don’t know why, but there are over 500 posts of people making it, even with that old dishrag of a pattern that used to be up on Craftsy.

I think it’s because we can take three of our Anna Maria Horner fabrics, back it and bind it with another two AMH fabrics, and have something to carry our Hexies and sewing and binding and stitching stuff in. And we still have more AMH fabrics left.

Or we can gather up a batch of red and white and blue fabrics, and whip up a cute hostess gift for that non-existent 4th of July party we are going to. (Okay, better keep it for yourself.)

I, myself, have over five different small sewing bags, each geared to the type of project I’m working on. My friend Judy packs her jewelry in it when she used to head out on her international trips. I suppose you could use to when you head to the grocery store, to organize your coupons. I’m sure you’ll think of ways to use your Mini Double-Pocket Bag, and if you need the pattern (of course you do), here’s a little treat:

Until July 14th, the pattern will be sold at a discount of 20% with the code: minidoublepocketbag20 — that’s all lower case, with the number 20 at the end. When you check out over on PayHip, you’ll see a place to put your code.

Welcome the newest addition to our pattern world!

Happy Sewing!

11 thoughts on “Mini Double-Pocket Bag • aka Mini Sew-Together Bag

  1. I just bought your pattern for the mini pocket bag! Looks terrific. Good on you! I will send a photo when I make the bag. Hope all’s well with you and yours.😍

  2. Oh, the sheep. And RWB… Be still my heart! I’m working on mine! (after an emergency run for interfacing!)

  3. I can’t believe that the day you release this pattern, I buy two of the fabric you used! That’s a sign that I need to buy this pattern! I guess the original Sew Together bag pattern is no longer available? Bluprint’s demise is very sad for many crafters

  4. Yay! I just bought the pattern and can’t wait to make it! The instructions are very detailed – pattern is awesome and will post a pic on instagram when I finish! Thanks Elizabeth!

  5. Yay for you, Elizabeth! I can see you’ve been very busy, pattern-writing, and making and making these mini bags. I hope sales are wildly successful. They’re definitely cute – you have wonderful fabric combinations – and look useful for lots of things.

  6. The trumpet blast caught my attention! I bought your pattern, no second thoughts! I’ll have to wait until after July 4th, but I think this is the neatest item to sew up that I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll study your layouts, photos, etc. as I bought the Affinity Suite in April when they offered it 50% off. Haven’t been able to get into it yet, but I have it and it’s mine forever! Thanks for all the work on the pattern.

  7. Yay! I bought a finished mini on Etsy last year and it is my very most favorite bag of all time. It holds all my EPP project supplies and looks great doing it. But now I can make more bags for meeeeeee and maybe some deserving friends. Thanks very much!

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