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Bee Happy in April 2020

While I titled this Bee Happy in April 2020, part of that is a statement: I’m working on my Bee Happy Quilt, started at least a year ago.  But part of that is also a question: is it possible to be happy in April 2020?  Let’s tackle the first, wander through the second and I promise I’ll leave you with something funny.


Like many of you I’ve been reading — no, gorging — on the news at this time, and one article about how nature is taking back the canals of Venice, the meadows of Yosemite and how we are seeing less pollution in our skies also commented on the amount of bird songs available now to us in our own backyards.  So one mopey day, I pulled out my Lori Holt Bee Happy quilt (!) and started anew.  I sat at the kitchen table, stitching, listening to the avian calls, and took a break from the chatter.

BeeHappy6_full quilt April 2020

Hens stitched, blocks sewn and what I’ve finished is all smoothed out onto my design wall, a sort of vertical storage these days. Three of her rows are finished, ending with the clucking hen sisters.  I numbered how many I have left: 13 blocks.

I’ve been making a little tip sheet to go along with all the weeks on Lori Holt’s blog, where she has all her photos and pictures.  However, sometimes the info is not arranged as easily as I would like, and so I offer these as an adjunct to those working on the quilt who also need a bit more.  Click to download the PDF files. They are found on a page up in the tab section, under 2020 Projects, if you need to find them again.

Bibimbap Bowl
African Peanut Stew

I laugh at those COVID-19 memes that list a full menu for dinner on the first three days then devolve down to cereal and soda by Day 20.  I alternate between complete angst at dinner time and diving in to make a cool meal.  Here are two of my successes: bibimbap (top) and African Peanut Stew (bottom, recipe on ElizabethCooks.com).  My daughter, who lives too far away, has been baking these:

Barbara Macarons

Baking and selling them.  She’s really mastered this treat.

Like the rest of you, I spend far too much time scrolling on my phone, I’ve been happy to see the contests sponsored by major museums across the world to have those of us keeping quarantine to mimic famous works of art.

Art Imitation Frida Kahlo
Art imitation Last Supper
Art Imitation Rivera
Covid Meme Quarantine houses

I also follow the hashtag #quarantineart to break up the quilty quality of my IG feed, where I found this image.

Other components of our COVID-19 lives: Zoom conferences (this time with my brothers and sisters and my two elderly parents highly quarantined in their senior living building), memes, walks around our neighborhood in the morning, and finally, peering into the homes of TV newscasters, where I spotted a quilt on the back of a sofa.  Hey!  A quilter lives there…or at least they appreciate a quilt.

So, can we be happy in April 2020?  Possibly.  Probably.  Often.  Sometimes. Always.  Occasionally.

In January 2020, way back in another time and place, my local quilt shop asked us to nominate someone who could use a sewing machine in their lives, along with some sewing helps from Olfa and fabric from the store.  I wrote about my friend Hayley, a young mom who is in my First Monday Sew-day group, who has really taken to quilting.  She’s the wife a medical student, and has a sweet young daughter.  I then waited…and waited…and finally heard this week that she had been chosen!

Hayley Wins Machine
Hayley Wins Machine2

We all wore our masks, kept our social distance, and Janet, the shop owner read from a prepared paper, thanking all those responsible for giving this award.  Then the curtains parted to reveal a sewing machine–Hayley started to cry, I started to cry, Janet started to get emotional.  I was so happy that someone who is starting to love quilting could get her own machine.  Here’s the video on Facebook.

Kay sews a mask

Now a funny video about how to sew a mask.

Here’s hoping you’ll  Bee Happy/be happy in April 2020!

14 thoughts on “Bee Happy in April 2020

  1. How awesome that your nomination of your friend Hayley was chosen! Way to be a good friend! And I love love love your Bee Happy quilt. That seems like the perfect thing to work on right now.

  2. You will always remember working on your Bee Happy quilt during this time. I totally avoid the news. Unless it’s John Krasinski’s weekly edition of SGN (Some Good News). So cool about your friend winning that sewing machine. And I’m glad I finally watched that video.

  3. So glad your friend, Hayley, won the sewing machine! You were kind to nominate her. I’m not sure it’s possible to be happy at this time, as way too many people are suffering both physically and financially, but I do think it’s possible to be content.

  4. Well, you’ve made my morning!!!! Such a sweet story about Hayley and you were a peach to nominate her! And after those tears, I watched the Kay Pruitt video and with tears of laughter will now share with my husband because he’s labored with me through the making of many masks and will surely appreciate – too funny! Your Bee Happy quilt is looking great and your daily routine is admirable – I’m at the 2 steps forward, 3 steps back stage personally and the “freshman 5” is, yes, a real thing :(!!
    We’ll get by with a little help from our friends, right?!

  5. Your Bee Happy quilt is turning out so cute. That’s a lot of appliqué. I, too, have LOVED seeing how clever people are with their art piece reproductions. I’m sure your nominee is going to do great things with her sewing machine. That’s so fun for her!

  6. My mother-in-law sent me the mask sewing video last night and it had me in tears from laughter. It feels good to find things to laugh at right now. Your Bee Happy quilt is bright and fun and I hope it is joyful to work on.

  7. Your “Dungeon of Cute” is not so terrifying when you have been trapped in your home for 34 days (my personal count). Always so cheerful Lori Holt patterns were made for times like these. I, however, will stick to my classic blocks using cute fabric instead. I promise to send you photos as soon as the sun decides to come out and stay. 🙂

  8. I love the replications of famous works. So funny! Your Lori Holt is really coming together. Wow! The dinners look great. I’d lick the screen, but that’s not Covid-clean. Thanks for the uplifting story about the quilt shop give-away. It’s nice to see generosity at play.

  9. I love your posts! That’s so sweet about your young friend winning the sewing machine! Great thing for the shop to do. Your recipes look divine. The mask tutorial is just so funny! Lately I feel like if I see another (real) tutorial on line I’m going to scream! ha ha. I love that museum art challenge so much!

  10. I too watch too much news. I’m not sure what I think will have changed in an hour.
    Partly it comes from subscribing to newsfeeds. Their come-on headlines garb me when I am checking other email.

    As to happy, yes there are moments. I can’t sustain anger and sorrow constantly.

  11. I am so happy for Hayley and so glad that you took the time to nominate her! A day brightener for sure! That video is hysterical! I am so glad you took the time to share it. There hasn’t been a lot of good news lately so it was so nice to laugh. Thanks Elizabeth!

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