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Starry Sky Mug Rug

Starry MugRug_4Starry MugRug_3

This summer, my niece Abby, let me have one of her hand-thrown mugs, of which I was thrilled to get (I love hot chocolate).  I meant to send her a little quilted mug rug in return, but that project seemed to get stalled for one reason or another.  But last week, I decided not one more thing would be done until I finished it and sent it off.  (Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little talk.)

I used the Starry Sky block pattern, by Kylie Kelsheimer (a downloadable pattern from Craftsy).  In this new version of her pattern, she has three sizes, and the 6″ size is perfect for a mug rug.   Note:  It has been taken down from Craftsy/BluPrint.

UPDATE June 2019: The pattern is now up on PayHip, in three sizes.

Starry MugRug_1Starry MugRug_2

My niece likes to go hiking, and lives up in the Northwest, so I used colors of purple mountains, green hills and aqua-and-blue waters.  I bound it in navy.

Starry MugRug_5

I used an agate-stone looking print for the back, one of my favorites lurking in my stash.

It took me a couple of hours from start to finish.  It’s a paper-pieced pattern, so all the star points are sharp and it goes together easily.  I kept a photo of the block near me when putting the pieces together, to keep myself straight.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.21.21 PM.png

I listened to the latest Bruno, Chief of  Police book, The Resistance Man, and that kept me going.  Then I ran it to the Post Office, and off it went.  I hope Abby likes it.


A couple of days before I’d made Simone’s blocks for the Gridsters Bee, a wee bit late, but she forgave me.


And then I got right on October’s blocks for Joan, for the Gridsters Bee.  She asked for a black-and-white New York Beauty block, with a touch of solid color.  Hope she likes these.

Irish Women Sewing.jpg

I liked this old photograph of women sewing, found on the website for the National Gallery of Ireland, reminding me of my travels (I’m finally over the jetlag).

Perfection vs Good.png

Here’s your reminder: the perfect is the enemy of the good, Stephan Pastis style.  As some long-time readers know, I believe in this quote and used to keep it on my syllabi when I was a teacher.  Sometimes it’s good to just be *good,* and not strive for perfection.  Hope that idea helps you “lead a sane and balanced life.”

15 thoughts on “Starry Sky Mug Rug

  1. That starry sky pattern would be amazing to make at my next sew-in but I can’t get the link to work. Your niece will be so happy!

  2. The link to Dropbox via the Wayback Machine, which I put in the comments to the earlier post, no longer works. Dropbox has told the Wayback Machine not to archive links to their site, I guess. But I found a way around it! You can now go to Kylie’s Dropbox account directly using the link I’ll put here. I believe that you still have to have your own Dropbox account, so create a free account at Dropbox if you don’t already have one, then log in to your Dropbox account, and THEN click this link:

    If that doesn’t work, open a new tab in your browser, while logged in to Dropbox, and copy/paste the above link into the address bar of that new tab. Hope it works for you; it does for me. And hope Kylie doesn’t mind!

    1. P.S. Sorry the link extends into the sidebar on the right. But it does work to click it while logged in to Dropbox.

  3. That block worked so well for the mug rug and your fabrics in it are just fabulous. The bee blocks all look great, and again, your fabrics are perfect for them. I want to come shopping in your stash! Yes, perfection is way overrated.

  4. Your Starry Sky block is so fabulous! Every time I see it (and didn’t I see RenéCreates making it recently?) I am reminded how much I’d like to make some. Whatever size, they’re all great. I’m sure your niece will adore this one. Your bee blocks are perfect too. So you’re still in a bee, huh? They always sound so nice, and then the obligation day comes up and it’s a rush to get something put together. I admire your dedication. Glad the jet lag has passed, and I’m sure you’re back to your usual busyness. Are you going to PIQF too?

  5. I’ve heard rumors of a new fabric design coming out that is all about space NASA and such. Putting the Starry Sky block on the list for that fabric. Of course, I have yet to learn paper piecing. One thing at a time. 🙂

  6. The starry block makes a perfect mug rug. I should make myself a new one as the current one I use is a little ratty. Thanks for the perfection reminder too. Done is much better and I’m not being very productive right now.

  7. I also love that Pearls Before Swine comic strip. I printed it and put it up in the Honors Lounge when it came out!

  8. Love the mug, the rug, and the cartoon, Elizabeth! I strive to get better with my quilting, but once I read the quote “Finished is better than perfect”, I realized that the quest for perfection was sapping the joy from my sewing. And it turns out that no one has ever received a quilt from me and told me that they weren’t going to keep it because my points weren’t perfect. Such great lessons for life!

  9. The Starry Sky block is one of my favorite. I need to make at least a mug rug for myself, if not a whole quilt! And Simone’s blocks are awesome!!

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