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Hexagon Millefiore Update, July 2018

Rosette 10b Finished

And with this Rosette (#10b), I finished up The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-A-Long.

All Rosettes_OPQuilt

Contractually.  At least according to the rules of the The New Hexagon Millefiore Game.

But I really hate the crenellated edges.  I don’t mind the zig-zag edges on the sides, and have loved what others have done, by appliqueing the quilt down to a solid border.

Millefiore border maybes

But for this quilt, these colors, every border fabric I chose just looked terrible.  Clunky.  Admittedly they are kind of wild, but really, the quilt is kind of wild.

Millefiore border fillins

Instead, I’m try to fill them in.

All Rosettesbeginning fillin

You can see what the first two look like.  There are 9 crenelations on the top and 9 on the bottom, so two down, 16 to go.  This is actually not as hard as I thought, as the fabric choices have already been made, and it’s just sort of filling in and figuring out how the pieces will work.  I am trying not to use just one-fabric half-hexie blocks, but instead, create interesting seamed fill-in pieces.  I figure the sides will be faster–just a sort of background fabric from the nearest rosette.

Stay tuned.

tiny nine patches

Research photos (culled from the web, from Instagram and from the Facebook page):

Millefiore v5
This one looks great with the appliqued-to-borders treatment.
Millefiore v12
Not technically a Hexagon Millefiore quilt, but those borders!

Millefiore v2

Millefiore quilt again
Another that is not a hexagon-based EPP, but I love the way they broke the borders.

Millefiore v4Millefiore v1Millefiore v3

Millefiore v8
This one filled in many edges, and moved a lot of the rosettes around.

Millefiore v7Millefiore v9

Many of these quilts turned the design on the its side, or upside down. I should note that I also changed the lower edge of mine, melding 4 different rosettes into one gigantor rosette, plus I tweaked a few more places (there is NO star in the middle of my quilt, for example).


Millefiore Quilt July 18_2
My leftovers (paper pulled out that was still in good shape). I’m using them to build the edges.

17 thoughts on “Hexagon Millefiore Update, July 2018

  1. Love the fill-in! And seeing one of my favorite architecture words used about quilting! (Crenellations!)

  2. After you fill in the edges will you add a border? I have finished the contractual center, but couldn’t figure out how to finish the edges. A friend had finished hers by adding an outer solid border, and then made half-hexies of same border to fill in the crenalated edges. She then made another border using the fabrics from the center cut into 2×4 bricks that she sewed end to end and put between the half hexies and wider outer border. Good job in persevering to get it finished!

  3. My goodness! You’re so dedicated! That was a BIG project, and now you’re adding more to it. Bless you. 🙂 I agree that your filler pieces will make the quilt much nicer. And it’s beautiful, Elizabeth! Your color choices, and the fussy-cutting you did… I know that took time and patience. I have no doubt I would have given up long ago. I bet you won’t need to do a lot of quilting on it since quilting won’t show up on all those prints. So I hope you decide to at least make that part easy on yourself.

  4. How did you get your papers? I’m considering doing a block of the month program from the quilter who taught a workshop at my guild.

  5. WOW, WOW! I love your solution and all the variations on the theme of the pattern by others. What artful people!

  6. Amazing! I don’t like those crenelated sides either. My favorite of the ones you posted is the appliqued border one followed by the one with the tiny border. You’ve come up with a great solution.

  7. It’s beautiful, congrats on the finish!! Curious why you chose the New Hexagon over the La Pas? Could it possibly be a tiny bit easier than La Pas? I would love to make one of these!

  8. That’s going to be a fantastic quilt Elizabeth! I have to agree, those edges would bug me too! So I can understand why you are taking the time to fill them in!

  9. I am not a fan of the crenellations either. I think filling them in as you are doing is a great idea!
    I love the quilt that breaks across the narrow border and the one that appliqués the rosettes onto a backing fabric (with or without the OTT appliqué around it). Keeping the crenellations works best, I think, on the quilt with the very busy border fabric – it all blends in at the edges because of the busyness.

  10. I agree with you. I did the half hexies on mine, too, and also didn’t mind the sides. I found that a calmer fabric worked great for the outer boarder….on a couple of my quilts I’ve used green because it seemed almost like a neutral…aboriginal dots (kaffe) on one and a pale blue with dots on another. Lots of auditioning because I didn’t want the eye drawn away from all that handwork! You’ll figure it out!

  11. I love that you’ve made it this far. I never looked that closely at this pattern before, but all those “unfinished” cogs would drive me a bit crazy. I think I’d have to finish them out.

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