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Rose Window • Four-in-Art Quilt


It’s Four-in-Art Challenge Reveal day today, the penultimate challenge in 2017.  We began this art mini-quilt group in November of 2012, and we are in our fifth year.  Bette, Rachel and I have been with the group since the beginning, with additions and changes here and there.  It’s been wonderful to have this to look forward to four times a year, a chance to stretch and try some new things, all contained in a mini-quilt (we are more flexible with the size now, but originally, it had to be contained in a 12″ square).

Rose Window_front

Rose Window
13 1/2″ wide by 18″ long
Quilt Number 185

Since I chose the challenge of Stained Glass Shadows, obviously I’m in love with the highly saturated blocks of color left on the floors of cathedrals and churches when the sun shines through stained glass windows.  I originally thought I’d try some figurative work, but the colors are what always catch my eye.

So I began with the warm tones, adding the layers of earth-colors as they moved toward the bottom, and celestial-colors as it moved upward.

I also knew that somewhere on this quilt there had to be a Rose Window, that enormous circular window high above entryway doors.

Then it was quilt the background, and I went with the idea of the rose window as the center, with thread-streams of color coming out from there: navy and deep colors from the top and the warmer yellow-orange-red tones as the sun filters downward through the stained glass. My solid fabrics are Paintbrush Studio Solids, and the thread is Magnifico by Superior Threads (with Bottom Line in the bobbin) with some So Fine here and there, as the color dictated.

Details of Rose Window quilting.

Rose Window_back

Back of quilt, with standard label, and added corners for easy hanging.

Rose Window_front

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Our next challenge is Illumination, and will post on November 1st.

National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
Stained glass window from Prague Cathedral, by Edward Mucha
Rose Window_real
Rose Window, Italy


18 thoughts on “Rose Window • Four-in-Art Quilt

  1. You have inspired me! I think I should do something using the colors from the stain glass windows of the Cathedral in Geneva! Of course, it mean the To Do list is growing! ;=)

  2. Oh you knocked it out of the park with this one! Love, love love! And I am also a big fan of stained glass.

  3. I love yours so much! You managed the color vibrancy that I’m lacking on mine. And that rose window quilting! Amazing! Is it your own design? I knew yours would be great since it was your theme!

  4. Amazing work and interpretation. The quilting explains the piece without a word having to be said. Your stained glass photos ate inspiring.

  5. That is really impressive. I love your interpretation of the theme and the construction is fabulous. Love the center rose design.

  6. This is really beautiful. I love the rays of your quilting as they pass through the rose window and it was such a lovely idea to quilt it, leaving the colours to speak for themselves.

  7. This is a stunner Elizabeth!!!! I love the variation of colour from the glowing yellow centre, and the fabulous rose-like quilting! I hope you are going to display somewhere so you can admire it all the time!

  8. Brilliant in more ways than one! The use of color as an abstract of how light shines through the glass and the use of quilting to imply the window make for an amazing interpretation. Well done.

  9. I hoped you were going to do a cathedral window and knew it would be stunning! This one is so incredible and I just love how you got there. Your teaser last week left me wondering, but I never doubted it would coalesce beautifully. I think the best part is the medallion quilted! Once again, you’ve nailed it – congratulations, Elizabeth!

  10. Sorry I am so slow to write a comment, you can fire me if you’d like (but please don’t). I LOVED your stained glass shadow interpretation with the rose window! You brought in some luscious color choices, and I liked that you used solids from Painters Palette too. The radiating beams from the rose window complete the feel of the project. Thanks for always being a pacesetter with these projects.

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