Four-in-Art Quarterly Challenge: Stained Glass Shadows


Shadow owes its life to light.
~an old saying


I am to provide the theme for our next quarterly challenge, and I choose Stained Glass Shadows.  I love the saturated lights left on floors, walls, and benches in cathedrals by brilliantly lit stained glass windows and I wanted to make that my challenge.stainedglassshadow_3

Sometimes the colors play with what’s already there: think of the duality of jewel tones spilling ephemerally onto hard marble surfaces.

I like how sometimes they look like they’ve been through the Holi Festival of Colors, as if the surfaces had been doused in brightly colored chalks and powdery hues.stainedglassshadow_5 stainedglassshadow_6 Think of transparency and playing with color blending.  Many edges on stained glass shadows are soft, blurring into the other colors.stainedglassshadow_7

All photos were taken by my husband or I, in the National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C.

While the opposite of light is dark, in shadows, the darkness is doubled down, softened, the shapes revealing as well as obscuring.  A whole new conversation can happen with shadows.

Reveal date is August 1, 2017.


9 thoughts on “Four-in-Art Quarterly Challenge: Stained Glass Shadows

  1. I tried to post a couple pictures I took in the cathedral in Geneva (where Calvin preached) but wasn’t able to…oh well. The prisms are lovely.

  2. So I happen to be doing some organizing and purging lately (partly inspired by an earlier post of yours.) and I painstakingly put a set of stained glass panels from my grandmother’s house on Craig’s list. I have been holding onto them for 10 years but have no where to put them. Just yesterday, I thought th pattern would make a nice quilt! Lol

  3. Oh my, I cannot wait to see what your creative mojo does with this challenge. I love the way you pick the best inspirations and come up with excellent interpretations.

  4. Your husband has some great inspiration for you to work from. I’m partial to the photo with the tiles that look to be a square in a square block. Waiting with baited breath for your reveal.

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