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July’s Gridster Bee Block

July 2017_Gridster_Carol

Here’s the block I made for the July Gridster Bee, for Carol.  It was a fun make, made easy by this tutorial from Sara Noda.  (She also has a blog post on her completed flag quilt.)

Rosette 7

I also dragged out my hexagon quilt, and got started again.  Here is Rosette #7, isolated (above), and below as it looks sewn into the quilt.  I took the blocks and quilt rosettes with me on our recent family trip — since we had a lot of driving time — and was able to get the rosettes sewn together and one more completed.Millefiore Rosette #7I’ve totally revamped Rosette #8, because frankly, everyone on the Facebook page was having real troubles with it, so I thought I would have a go at creating my own hexie arrangement.  I’m choosing fabrics for it now.

Road to California 2018 classes

I also picked my classes for Road to California 2018 (above)…

QuiltCon 2018 ESE Classes

…and my classes for QuiltCon 2018, too.  Anyone else going?  Are we in the same classes?

Film Quilt1And in case you think you only need fabric to create quilt patters, Sabrina Gschwandertner acquired a collection of old instructional films on the textile arts and has been creating quilt works of art.  I will spare you the mumbo-jumbo about quilting from the LA Times, but here’s the article if you want to read it.

Film Quilt2
(PS Ignore the random “A” up on the right side)

Film Quilt3

I actually wanted to see the movies, after reading about her and seeing images of her work.  Now it is lost forever.  Will we feel that way about the millions of YouTube videos?  I doubt it.  There is something about the tangible presence of film being cut up, the scarcity of that resource being destroyed to begin again.  But I do like looking at her works.  If you are in LA, the article has info about how to see this in the gallery, but the show closes soon.

And today is six months since my shoulder surgery.  I’ve seen the surgeon for the last time, finished my formal PT.  Now just the challenge of walking, getting back into some semblance of shape after sitting around, and doing the PT exercises on my own.

LASTLY, thanks to all who entered the OPQuilt Summer Book Giveaway (snazzy title, don’t you think?).

 Giveaway Banner

Here’s another:

Intentional Piecing_Book Giveaway

Amy Friend’s Intentional Piecing, a look at using fussy-cutting to make spectacular quilts.  She has a range of stellar projects, plus some fun paper-piecing designs to sew into various quilts and hand-mades.  It’s signed by the author.

Again–leave a comment letting me know if you are interested in receiving this book in the giveaway.  I’ll notify the winner by email.

Update: Roxanne was our winner from the last giveaway. Thanks again for all who entered!


18 thoughts on “July’s Gridster Bee Block

  1. How unique using film strips. Should be a wonderful time for your RTC class roster looks marvelous. Have fun and yes I’d love to get Amy’s book. Thanks for the chance.

  2. It’s always fun to see your rosettes again! And I love the star block and quilt and see one in my future. Great classes for both events – I think you’ll really like Christina Camilli and Karen Lewis (and totally envy that you’re doing the screen printing which was full at QuiltCon 2017 though I thoroughly enjoyed her block printing class). Great post!

  3. Hey there, Elizabeth! Can’t believe that six months has passed since your surgery, but I bet it feels like a very long six months to you. Do you feel near normal? I can appreciate how exercising will make you feel better. Time to get walking. I appreciate hearing about the challenges with that rosette, and after seeing how much effort the whole project takes, I’m glad I backed out of doing it. Though the couple finishes I’ve seen are magnificent… as yours will be. Don’t include me in the book draw. You’re very generous to give your books away, though. And paying postage too! Very generous!

  4. Love the flag block! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I would love to be in the draw for the bok. I love Amy’s patterns!

  5. I have seen Sabrina’s work and it makes me think of other non-fabric items that can be pieced like a quilt, for example Capri sun juice pouches and chip bags. My kids call this “garbage quilting” haha! I am not going to Quiltcon, but I hope to meet you someday at some quilting event! I am interested in the drawing for the book and I wish you continued recovery on your shoulder.

  6. Have been eyeing this book, would love to win it! Continue to love your quilts, thanks for posting.

  7. Your rosettes are really gorgeous and challenging looking. I love the fabrics you are using in it. The remake of the latest one looks perfect.

    The star quilt is going to be spectacular. I can’t wait to see it finished. Thanks for posting a link of the finished one. I had not seen it before.

    It sounds like you are going to have fun at Road with those classes. I hope to run into you there.

    Glad you are now released back into the healthy world. Do you feel 100%?

    Amy’s book looks like fun. Please add my name to the pot. Thanks.

  8. I had the same reaction about the film strips being cut up though I intend to go see the work. There are Pathe’ videos on YouTube that are about textile arts though right now I can’t remember any of the titles; one of my art school student cousins posts them on Facebook now and then. One of my favorites was about linoleum block printing on fabric.
    You have been a busy bee throughout your recovery! I wish you well with your PT. I do mine nearly every morning as a way of centering my mind before starting the day.
    That hexie quilt is going to be amazing!
    I am going to both shows- no classes though I thought about it. Maybe next year.
    The book looks interesting but it would be put to better use by some more productive quilter.;)

  9. I just love it when you point us to art like this! Interesting to think about film as obsolete medium, now being used as raw material in a related expression.
    No thank you to the book, let someone win it who really will appreciate it.

  10. Always like looking at art quilts and expanding my quilting skills. Would love to read Amy’s book and try her techniques!

  11. Yes, I’m interested in the book. I appreciate your posts as they are regular but not daily – plus, a big plus – they encompass a wide range of topics. Thank you!

  12. Check out the tarp quilts of Wynde Dyer. They were featured in the May (?) issue of Fons and Porter Modern Quilts. I visited her last May; we had a great time. m a real sucker for new books!

  13. Your hexagons are looking great! I look forward to seeing your next design decisions. Amy’s book looks interesting, especially that tepee quilt. I have a little boy in my life who would like that!

  14. The film quilt was disturbing knowing it was actual film that cant ever be seen again- but the art it delivered was pretty amazing !! I will see you at Road but not in the same classes 😦

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