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Guccilious Scraps Head into the World

Paintbrush Studio Solids_lineup

As promised, the scraps from my Guccilious quilt need to go out into the world, for others to enjoy this fabric and this particular range of colors.  And although this bundle accumulated quite a few votes in the March Madness 2017 (thank you very much!), Christine’s bundle of blues and yellows won (I voted again today…and for hers!).

Paint Chips Painter's Palette Solids

I think someone might like to see all the range of colors, so I’m also giving away two Paintbrush Studios Paint Chips, which includes every color you see below.  No, I’m not giving away the card, just the double-pack of two Paint Chips that have every color, as shown above.

Paintbrush Studios Colors_chart

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UPDATE: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.  THANKS TO ALL WHO LEFT A COMMENT.  RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW.  Leave me a comment below, telling me which one you’d like to win–the scraps or the double pack of Paint Chips–and after a few days, I’ll close off the giveaway and send out the fun!  Thanks for entering!

52 thoughts on “Guccilious Scraps Head into the World

  1. I had so much fun voting…so sorry you didn’t move on. I’d love to win because I like jewel tones!

  2. Love your Bundle too…but Colorado Spring is my “pick”…my fave colors!! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  3. A sorry you didn’t win as I sure liked yours. Would love to get lucky in your giveaway. Greens would be lovely.

  4. I was so hoping you’d win! And I also voted for Christine, then Bird of Paradise. The blue stack would be fine. Thank you for all your hard work in creating the lovely samples, too!

  5. I love all the colors of the rainbow, I think winning the paint chips would be awesome.

  6. : ( I really loved your bundle. Bright colors like yours always win my heart. Would really love one of those color cards. I’ve never used Paintbrush Studios solids.

  7. Voting was always a hard choice, but I ended up voting for Christine’s and also Bird of Paradise which would be my pick. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I just started a project with these Solids and love using them. I like toe green bundle.

  9. So happy to see all your wonderful quilts and awesome ideas. I’d be happy with either colorway if I am selected. Thank you!

  10. Yay scraps, who doesn’t love free fabric? Interestingly, my LQS just announced that they are carrying this line, now.

  11. I am a green girl! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve not seen these in the stores so I may “need” to go shopping!

  12. I’m sorry your lively bundle didn’t win. I love the bold bright colors. thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Loved your bundle and projects! Green would be my first choice.. both stacks are great.

  14. Ah, I loved your combo. Not clear on what the choice is, but if it is between blue and green, I go for green; i’ve overdosed on blue lately.

  15. Thanks for the chance! I have always love solids..but get to fondle many since I live far from any brick and mortar stores….a full days trip thither and back. It would be such a bonus to be able to see and feel this fabric!

    Blue for me please. As a “warm side of the color wheel girl” I have recently began to embrace blues for quilts and clothes…

  16. Hi Elizabeth – I’d like to win the Guccilicious scraps bundle. (I think I understood the instructions.) The competition was fun to watch & participate in. It’s great that PB Studios wanted to promote you!

  17. I’m so sorry you’re out of the running, but I still like yours best!! And personally I’d live to win your scraps😊

  18. Thanks for offering a chance to win. Either of the “Chips” would be wonderful….or chocolate chips, or potato chips….possibilities are endless!!

  19. I’m sorry your Guddilicious bundle didn’t go farther. But, your scraps are great, as I can attest (remember, you sent me Kaffe scraps?), so I’d love to win your leftovers. Thanks for your giveaway!

  20. I’d love to have the card with the chips for future reference. I was looking forward to seeing you in the finals. ;-( Next year!!!

  21. Sorry you didn’t make it to the finals because I love your colors, so bright and happy. If I won I would like the paint chips so I can use them as a guide all sewn together in a mini wall hanging. Thanks for the chance!

  22. I was bummed to see you didn’t make it through– love this bundle and would love to play with those scraps!

  23. I had not heard of Paint Chips. How interesting. Would be fun to play with but would have to think a while on how. I could see them used as square flowers with round centers.

  24. I would like to have the scraps package. I love the colors you picked and solid scraps can always find a home. Thank you for the chance to win.

  25. Can;t wait to win the chips! I am placing my 1st Paiintbox order today.

  26. I’m sorry Guccilicious didn’t move on. The choices each quilter made were interesting to see. I’d be happy with either but I’ll go with scraps, those colors were so fresh.
    I’d like to find a shop that sells this specific line but the Fabri-quilt website has not been very useful. I’ll keep looking.

  27. LOL, after that whining about not finding the fabric, I just tried again via Google and found some sites.

  28. So many colors it was hard choosing a favorite in the March Madness, I would love to win the double pack of Paint Chips

  29. I’m in a rainbow mood, so I would love to win the paint chips! I love your color choices! allisonpogany at

  30. Beautiful colors. How fun! I’m learning to love solids. I’d love the double pack of chips!

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