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About the Refugees

I don’t ordinarily post on this site news of a controversial nature, so if you don’t want see this, please click on by.  This video was produced by my church and is about the least political statement I could find regarding why the world’s refugee crisis is something that affects us all.

Regular quilting content comes again on Wednesday, with the Four-in-Art Challenge Reveals, but I felt my blog would be a superficial place to visit if you did not know of how the events of this week’s news has affected me as a quilter, as a human.  My husband and I have donated to a couple of places; International Rescue is one.  Many of you are already helping in so many ways: I honor you as you all make this world a better, a more loving place to live.

30 thoughts on “About the Refugees

  1. Good for you, Elizabeth. This is not the time for Americans to be silent, nor is it the time for religious discrimination!

  2. I appreciate the acknowledgement of these horrible events. I cannot think about anything else other than the disastrous supreme court nomination coming tomorrow.

  3. unless we are native american we are all children of refuges or immigrants, and our families were welcomed to this country.

  4. Thank you so much. I am in the same place in my blog. I don’t want to overlook these problems in our country, but I just don’t even know what to say, so I don’t write anything. But I so appreciate connecting with others that feel like I do.

  5. I am no longer interested in your blog. I come for quilting inspiration and not political views. There is plenty of that floating around. What really bothers me more than anything is the unforgottrn families and vets in this Country. So save the world while the forgotten people in this Country are over look.

    1. Hi Gaile, A lot of what prompted this were the comments made by the man who started No One Left Behind , because they were trying to bring in a military translator and he was one of the first ones that couldn’t get through this weekend. So, even though I think you think I’m someone who has forgotten the military (but why would a church video about refugees indicate that?), it was a former serviceman’s pleas that really focused my attention on these little-known refugees. He talked about how this refugee had done so much to help servicemen, and how he was concerned that if the translator were sent back, he could be killed for helping US servicemen and women.

      I have several friends who are Vets, and appreciate their service for, and to, our country. Several of my other friends have children serving in the military, so while I am probably not as close to the situation as you are, I am someone who listens and tries to empathize and understand when there are deployments. I agree with you that it is a thankless job many of them do, and they deserve special concern and certainly all of our prayers.

      I’ll miss you, but I understand if you need to withdraw because it’s just too close to home for you– Take care, Elizabeth

    2. Gaile, I have to agree with you. I think now is the time to save ourselves. Have you not seen what’s going on in Europe? I don’t want that here. Let the middle east do their part for their own. How about the countries in the middle east like Saudi Arabia who have the wealth and all of those air conditioned tents sitting there unused who are saying they don’t want the refugees because of their terrorism? They are not the only wealthy country who has passed on taking care of their own. And we should bring in terrorists whose goal is to destroy us. No thanks!

      1. Pamela, Saudi Arabia is not one of the nations banned. I have to wonder why…..
        Gayle, my son is in the US Army, he joined to serve, no matter where he is sent, and his unit is in a rotation to deploy to Afghanistan in the future.
        To do nothing is not what our Savior Jesus Christ would do. If I said and did nothing, I would be ungrateful for the freedoms and blessings that I enjoy.

    3. Gaile, I think you are mistaken. Being concerned about refugees does not preclude being concerned about veterans and others here who need help. MY heart and Elizabeth’s heart are big enough we can care for all these people at the same time.
      My son is serving in the Air Force. The executive order on refugees and other foreign travelers and immigrants makes HIM and our other Armed Forces less safe, as well as all other Americans around the world.

      Elizabeth, thank you for posting the video.

  6. Thank you for sending this. It’s wonderful that so many across all walks of life are supporting refugees!

    This is such a disturbing time, when we turn our backs on refugees. Thank you so much for speaking out!


  7. Elizabeth- I appreciate it that you shared this video to your blog. Thank you for your courage and example. I understand the impact that it might make, but you will be truly blessed.
    I think that we all have reached the tipping point where we have to really stand up for our convictions. We need to speak up for those who are downtrodden. As a Latter Day Saint, and a descendant of German immigrants who suffered injustice during WWI, I’m sensitive to the intolerance facing the next wave of those seeking freedom.
    I thank you again….And may you be blessed!

  8. Thank you for speaking up. I don’t know why some of our friends and neighbors think this is a zero sum game. We can save refugees, help our vets and stand up for inequality. It’s not either/or…sigh. And I do know hat Jesus expects as well.

  9. Thank you for your courage and honesty in expressing your opinion. It is too bad some have their minds polluted with alternative facts. The backbone of our country is refugees and immigrants. It is our duty as human beings to do what we can to help those in need. It is our duty as human beings to speak out against injustice. This is not the time to be silent.

  10. Thank you Elizabeth for standing up. I have reached the tipping point as well and am still trying to find my legs to just stand up. It is easier when we know that we are standing up FOR something rather than standing up AGAINST someone.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your humanity. We are all of different religions but we are all humans. I too am crushed by what is happening in our country. We can only react to what happens and then follow our faith – our humanity – and do what Jesus calls us to do. We can’t leave the least and the lost behind. We will fight this!

  12. I’m with you, Elizabeth–I think you’re showing a lot of courage to take this stand, publicly, and communicating your empathy for all those who are struggling, not only other Americans.

  13. Thank you, Elizabeth, for posting such a positive message during such a troubling era. It’s not the first time in America that it’s leader thinks we should be ‘isolationist’ & ignore the problems of the world. Perhaps millions would not have died, and the world plunged into WWII if FDR and the US had taken a stand sooner. The world looks to us as a beacon & example. If we do not live up that, our reputation will be damaged irreparably. No, we can’t fix everything. But we can make the choice to be good & optimistic people, & do what we can.

  14. Thank you, dear Elizabeth, for having the courage to stand up for your convictions. I would only add what is written on our very own Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”. Is this not what it means to be American?

  15. yes, we must help people. However, we must also be sure that our children are safe and secure. Vetting those who come here must be done. My son was hit in an accident by an ILLEGAL , drunk with a stolen car. He had 2 major surgeries to attach his vertebrae to his head and was in a halo for months. This changed what he could do with his life.

  16. Thank you for sharing this powerful video. It’s times like these when people need to speak up. We cannot remain silent.

  17. I’ve been to several Holocaust remembrances and they always end, Never Again. I have been to a vigil sponsored by Japanese survivors of the US imprisonment during WWII, and it too ended, Never Again. I continue to hope that our senateand house remember, and maybe our president will wake up.

  18. I am especially moved by the line, “This moment does not define them (the refugees), but our response will help define us.” Thank you for setting an example of compassion and humanity. In my view, to “take care of our own” by necessity means to take care of as many of those who suffer and are unfairly treated as we can. How can we expect tolerance and understanding from others if we are not willing to give it? Hate begets hate.

  19. Dear Elizabeth, I was going to say I think it’s great that you are supporting the refugees and I especially like that your church video and your IRC site have opportunities for volunteers so people can actually help out hands on whereas our IRC site only allows for fundraising and donations. Having read the comments though, (as a non religious, UK person) I have to add I’m shocked and amazed at the some of the hostility. This is the second craft blog today I’ve seen with similar responses and, although I’ve heard parallels drawn with Brexit and the European ‘Refugee Crisis’, I have never come across anything like this in my life before. Now I appreciate that is a very brave post and I applaud you posting it, Janine x

  20. I don’t know why my comment doesn’t show, so in a nutshell it said:
    I don’t see how compassion has become a controversial point. There’s nothing controversial about helping needy people, especially when in comparison our lives are so so much better in our non-war-stricken (for now) countries. We are all citizens of the world, whatever happened to Love Thy Neighbour? Some people have become selfish in this age and all they care about is, “But what about ME and MY feelings?”. The virtue of compassion is being lost. Good for you Elizabeth.

  21. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing this video and for encouraging all of us to do our best toward and for our human brothers and sisters. And thank you for allowing us all to have a say on your blog. We live on one planet, we are one people. And nowhere did I see you insist that everyone reading this post must do as you do. I read it as encouragement to contribute.
    To say “but is not doing their share” as a means to justify not doing anything oneself is base moral relativism and thus more bricks on the downward spiral that makes the world unlivable for us all.
    To say “but we need to take care of our own” as a means to justify not doing anything oneself is solipsistic reasoning and does not rationally answer the question “why not do both?”
    We are the biggest wealthiest nation on earth. We put ourselves out as a ‘beacon on the hill’, that is, morally superior. Many many of us are very comfortable. Everyone can contribute something.
    If you believe your priorities lie with those closest to you, by all means take action. If you see a need going unfilled further afield, by all means take action. If you believe you have been abandoned, reach out…there are many who will take your hand.
    Above all, do not despair. Love will win over fear and hate.

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