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Magic Stars Quilt, with Sarah Jane fabrics

It begins here…magicstars_1

…with fabric by Sarah Jane.  A relative of mine fell in love with her work and asked me to make her a quilt for her daughter, who has a name similar to mine.

(I couldn’t say no.)magicstars_2

I found the pattern on Michael Miller’s Website, and followed it exactly. magicstars_3 magicstars_4

I made it over the break between Christmas and New Year’s.  You can see my husband’s nutcracker collection on top of our hutch.magicstars_5 magicstars_6 magicstars_7 magicstars_8picking-up

I trundled it off to my longarm quilter, and she did a quick turn-around.  It’s always a happy day to pick up a quilt from Cathy.  This fabric is very silky, and I enjoyed working with it.magicstars_9 magicstars_10front

And on my birthday, I declare it done!  Happy New Year, Happy New Quilt.  This is Quilt #176 on my list of 200 quilts.  I never thought I’d reach 176 quilts.  If you haven’t started your list, do so now.

We chose a pattern called “party ribbons” for the quilting, as it fit in with the theme of the fabric.magicstars_12a-back-detail

The backing has unicorns with touches of gilt bushes.magicstars_13-quilting magicstars_14a magicstars_14b

I packaged it up and sent it off, the people in the Post Office helping me find just the right box.

(I love my post office.)



I didn’t label it because it was going to live at someone else’s home, but if I could, it would look like the one above.

Rebecca sent me this photo of the quilt on her daughter’s bed.  So glad they both like it!


15 thoughts on “Magic Stars Quilt, with Sarah Jane fabrics

  1. Lovely! I have a red-headed granddaughter too, and she will be moving to her ‘big girl’ bed before too long-I’m going to look for this fabric line. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I wish you had put a label on it. I saw it and Eliza last night. She snuggled in it. Another great job, Sister.

  3. Happy birthday, Elizabeth! What a wonderful quilt! I celebrate the creative, loving, giving, carrying spirit that is you! 🤗

  4. Gorgeous quilt Elizabeth! Those stars are so pretty, and far larger than I imagined they were! Eliza looks very happy to be the new owner! I’m wondering the reason in not labelling the quilt? 176 hey? Are you stopping at 200?? LOL!

  5. It’s nice to have a reason to make a simple – but beautiful! – quilt that satisfies one’s creative energy, and allows a quilter to enjoy the process. This one does just that. And that it was WANTED, and is already loved makes it all the more wonderful. I’m happy for you to have a reason to make a quilt. Those of us who have quilted for more than 30 years, and have dozens and dozens of quilts with no home, fully appreciate how special this is.

  6. So beautiful in its eye catching design. What is the name of the material you used for the center words, or is it also Sara Jane’s line? I am sure Cathy K does excellent work or you would not use her. If you ever need an alternate source I would like to recommend Glenda Palmer in FL. Glenda does exquisite long-arm work also. I might be a tad prejudiced as she is my granddaughter’s other grandmother. Quilt #176? Amazing!

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