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Christmas Tree Block Swap


This picture-filled post shows when a bunch of the local Good Heart Quilters (my little quilting group) got together to trade Christmas Tree blocks (pattern found on *this* post).  


Usually we don’t meet in December, but then Leisa had this idea about these Christmas Tree blocks.  Those who were interested in the swap came together in a Flash Mob Quilt Night; we had a great time, although family trips and sickness prevented some from coming.


We’re nothing if not helpful.  Some of us had our trees already made, so we all pitched in a sewed, ironed and trimmed the others’ blocks so we all went away with our set.


We dealt out all the blocks.  I asked everyone to count their blocks, for after an evening of letting loose with children-and-husband-and-life stories, lots of laughing (too many delicious cookies) I couldn’t be depended on to get the numbers right.


This is one of mine, made afterwards, with a bit of my husband’s blue-and-white plaid shirt.


Fun fussy-cutting.

Now I either need to make 4 more blocks, or rethink everything and add a ton more.  We could use another Christmas TV-watching quilt, because of:


The Crown, streaming off of Netflix, fictionalizing Queen Elizabeth as a young woman.


Poldark, on PBS (we watched the first season via CDs from Netflix).


And apparently Endeavor, a crowd-pleaser in our house, will return for a fourth season.

Oh, and then there’s that big event called Christmas, which needs some time…Happy Quilting!

tiny nine patches

11 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Block Swap

  1. What a cute idea, you have the same taste in shows as myself. Why did you use so much black for Christmas? We already have snow here and everything is black and white already, that’s one of the reasons I go into my studio to create something colorful, but that is just me. Everyone is different, that what make the world go round! Anyway I love your blog!

  2. Looks like a great turnout for your happy quilting event! I love that Lisa is sitting with a cushion on her lap! I do that! (We won’t read much into it, will we!?) I’m sure another four would make for a cute little wall quilt! I wish I had known, and I could have sent you some to complete the Christmas forest!

  3. What a nice happy batch of trees. Now I want to make some although I have no time for it right now. We’re watching The Crown too.

  4. All you need is a few more tree blocks and one block with a man in it. Then the quilt could be titled, “if a man is alone in the forest, is he still wrong.” Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  5. I love the blocks too – have been following your blog since you started the O Christmas Tree last year as I hope to make one for next Christmas….and I have a non-quilt related question about the room y’all were sewing in – is it a porch that was converted? I’m thinking about doing that and am having a struggle to picture how it would look.

  6. OH Elizabeth! just love love this! I so wish I lived close to you all. I would LOVE to join your group!!! XXOO to all!
    PS and those little ironing boards!!

  7. It was great fun! Thank you, again, for facilitating and opening your home. Great fun to see all of the beautiful colors!

  8. I LOVE those trees. I was thinking my blocks yesterday could almost fit in with your trees. It was a great idea to have a swap with them.

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