Quilt Bee

Final Bee Blocks for 2016


And….that’s a wrap!

The Mid-Century Modern bee began four years ago, and I recently sewed the final blocks in Anna Maria Horner fabrics (as per the Queen Bee’s request).  We were supposed to do the blocks we’d requested for her, but I didn’t think mine would translate, so I obtained permission to do these: some Chuck Nohara blocks, writ large.

MCMBee Button

You’ve perhaps seen this logo, nestling down on the side of my blog for a while.  Cindy (who had the idea for this bee) and I developed it one night while sitting side by side at this computer.  I do think we collaborate well.


And…that’s a wrap for The Spelling Bee, too, although some members are still cranking out their words. This bee ended officially November 30th, and I hope that everyone has their words by the end of the year.  All of mine are above; because of the length of my verse, about half of them were made by my beemates, and I did the rest.


My original intent for my wordy quilt was to have it be done all creams and pinks and reds for a Valentine quilt, but as soon as I got it up, I realized it needed some color.  On the side I pinned some fabrics to audition for the quilt, and I have some ideas.

You can find a how-to for every letter over on the Quilt Abecedary Blog, which I wrote when I got in my mind to free-form create an alphabet.  Have fun.

I plan to do a year-end wrap-up of the two different bees, so then you’ll see what we’ve all been up to.  I like doing bees as I’m exposed to new ideas and new blocks and a different way of looking at the world.  Who would have known that an enlarged Chuck Nohara block in AMH fabrics could look so fabulous?  Now I do, thanks to my beemate.

tiny nine patches

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9 thoughts on “Final Bee Blocks for 2016

  1. Those CN blocks turned out great and you cannot go wrong with Anna Maria Horner fabric, it’s the best! You’ve been a great bee participant, clearly – wonder what will move onto your plate now?

  2. I like all those letters and words, I have a word quilt started but never finished. I should get it out. I went back to comment on your earlier post, which I read on a device at an airport I think and could not comment but you have changed it. Just know I have been thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

  3. I’m trying to remember what you asked for when it was your turn for MCM bee this year, and why it didn’t translate for the Queen for November? I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of your Spelling Bee quilt. Those additions look great! I, too am sending healing thoughts!

  4. I’ve so loved the MCMBee and getting to know quilters like you. I really value our friendship and hope we can get together again in person soon. Love your Spelling Bee quilt too. Maybe you could underline certain words in color.

  5. I LOVE your words. I can’t wait to see how you finish it off with the other colors. It was sad to see the bee come to an end, but looking forward to a new adventure.

  6. Your words – all of them! – were such a big effort! It’s a beautiful saying too. I think you’re right about adding color to it, but then, you know I love bright colors. There’s no doubt that, when finished, this will be a fantastic quilt. It’s great to have a friend to collaborate with. Yes, you two do seem to work very well together. Continue to capitalize on that!

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