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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

1Xmas Tree

The winner of our giveaway is Quilter in Motion, aka Marsha.  And no, she doesn’t get a chicken dinner–I just like saying that.  Thank you so much for all your birthday memories–I loved reading them!  I have a couple of favorites, and have read many of them to my husband, who also picked a few of his favs.  You are all the best.

You’ve all been busy out there in Quilterland, contacting felted wool/wool felt suppliers and I have a few more pieces of information for you, as you collect and gather.

First up is a note from Stephanie, saying she contacted Errin Rissberger at QuiltingAcres on ETSY, and bought this fine array of colors of felted wool, all for about $69.50:

rainbow of felted wools

Stephen had shopped around at some other sites and found this one to be most reasonable.  Erin has those bundles up there, ready to go, if you want one too.

Prairie Woolens FeltBrenda contacted Donna, of Prairie Woolens, and she wrote that she does: “create custom kits for pretty much any pattern whether it’s something we carry or not and there are no requirements.  I checked out the picture and I would say it would likely be the hand-dyed colors [of wool].  The 100% wool felt and the felted wool are similar in thickness so I think you could use them together in the same project.  I’ve mixed felt and wool together in the same project and it works wonderfully.  Hopefully this helps but if you have any questions, please let me know.”

Primitive Gatherings Wool

This screenshot is Primitive Gatherings’ offering.  I was down in there shop this past week, and they stock felted wools, but no wool felt.  They are beautiful, though.  You can purchase them on their website, too.

Whether or not you’ve already purchased your wool, you can bet that halfway through the project, you’ll be wanting a different color, so either head over there now, or save this for later.  I so appreciate those who have written in to pass on information for others to benefit from.


The next post on this will be in a couple of weeks, just after the beginning of the February.  On February 1st, we have the reveals for our art quilt group, Four-in-Art, a collaborative group of quilters who wanted to try something different.  We post four times a year (hence the name) and work in the chosen themes.  This year’s theme is Color, and February’s challenge is Microscopic.

Road 2016 QuiltsSM

Before that, I’ll be going to Road to California, where I’ll have two quilts hanging in the show–if you are going, please DM me on IG and find me–I’ll be the girl with the goofy smile standing in front of one of these quilts.  I generally post a lot on flood Instagram with quilt photos from the show, so you can find me there: occasionalpiecequilt (the button is on the right, if that’s easier).

Okay, Marsha, I’ll be in touch with you to get your snail mail address and get your magazine off to you!

6 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I’m excited to get the magazine and have that great pattern. You can be sure I’ll be working on it when I get the okay to ‘do something’. I have mixed wool felt and felted wool in projects and they work great together. I prefer felted wools myself. Thank you again.

  2. I’ll be honest, I am not sure of the difference between wool felt and felted wool (yes, I thought they were the same!!) but it is interesting to watch and learn! How fun to have TWO quilts in the Road to California show! Maybe there will be another magazine feature too!

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