Mini House Quilt Finished!

Mini House_frontlabeledMy mini houses quilt is finished!  I know you’ve heard that line before, but let me go back in time to a galaxy far far away, to this:

Fail Mini House

Mini House Fail.  Yep.  That center certainly is puckery, demonstrating clear signs of the Training Bra Effect.

Something, somehow was just not right.  So back to the QuiltPro software I went, redesigning seams and adjusting tweaking.  Yes, I was a veritable Gepetto in my digital workshop, firm in my resolve to keep to the original Rolling Star Block with its Lemoyne Star (or 8-pointed star) center, as I liked the way it interacted with the “bushes” in my little village.

Sewing Skeleton

It feels like I’ve been sewing on this for ages. . .
(photo courtesy of The Quilt Loft, a local fabric shop)

Mini House Redo

But, armed with new templates, I persevered.

As you know, I cut six different combos for the center before I was finally happy.  If the center fabric was too busy. . . fail.  If the center was too washed out. . . fail.  The yellow and the pink below are really strong colors, but the visual texture is “flat.”

Mini House Redo_2

Everything seamed and pressed.  It’s really sort of a giant 9-patch quilt.

Mini House Redo_3

To quilt a small  quilt, I use straight pins to baste, sinking the point into the batting.  First stabilize the quilt by sewing the strong verticals and horizontals (think: nine-patch), then sew around the rest of the straight line pieces, using a walking foot and fine thread.  (I use Bottom Line by Superior Threads for this work as the thread is nice and fine and disappears.)

Mini House_front detail

I stitched in clapboard on the houses, horizontal on the flatter houses and vertical on the squares, but broke out into curvilinear on the dotty houses.  I swirled in a bush, did a curvilinear on the front porches and the yellow points of the Lemoyne Star, then outlined and stitched in the sky in a random fluffy cloud effect.  A strong binding finished it off.


Here’s the book I was listening to while working.  While I usually never recommend a book until I finish it, so far this has been a lovely and quirky, a perfect summer read.

Mini House_back

I had some great little house fabric for the back.  This is for the Home Sweet Home Mini Swap and it’s okay to post photos of the quilt.  The surprises come in not revealing what extras you tuck into the box for your partner.

Mini House_back detail

I cut giant 6″ squares, folded them in half diagonally, then attached them in to the corners for easy hanging with a dowel cut to size.

Mini House_frontlabeledThis is quilt # 147 on my 200 Quilts List and is 18″ square. I haven’t shown you the label or the name as I’m keeping that a surprise, too.  I’ll update the post later, after I mail it off in early September.


Houses Label

The name for my quilt is above, titled in the anxious week before my surgery.  I still feel this way about my home!

Tiny Nine-Patch

Note: For an excellent video with tips for the traditional construction of the Lemoyne Star, head *here.*

18 thoughts on “Mini House Quilt Finished!

  1. What a delightful mini! And I am very jealous of your partner! I hope she appreciates all the trouble you went to to get it ‘just right’!! You are very generous in offering your skill and techniques in this post too Elizabeth! SoftFuse is not available on Amazon to us Aussies but I bet I can get that book! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. A totally awesome mini!!!!! I so agree with “pennydog”, this really reminds me of a “Swoon” block but oh so much nicer!!!!! And you’re so sweet to share your fab pattern! I’m sure that many will embark on this project but, for now, it’s not in my future (although, I dare not say “never”!!!). Hugs……………….

  3. Love your mini house quilt, Elizabeth! I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it. Thanks so much for the wonderful posts. They are always interesting and helpful.
    And thanks also for the book recommendations. I am an avid novel reader and am always on the lookout for a good one. I have already sent a sample of this one to my Kindle.

  4. This is very cute and I’m glad I saw it. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve designed houses in medallion borders before but haven’t ever made them, so this will give me new incentive.

  5. So sweet. I want to make it! However, I have to resolve a printing issue as several pieces did not come out whole. E and H were cut off. Thanks for the pattern and I’m sure my printer is the problem. New printer, old ‘printee’.

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