Creative Housekeeping


I read Grant Snider faithfully, as he is an artist who often captures the frustrations I feel in my creative world (while trying to juggle that OTHER world of job, laundry, etc.).  I thought his Creative Housekeeping a perfect illustration of some of the frustration I feel as I look around my house (and garden) and sigh, then immediately get back to the sewing machine.

I wrote to him and he gave me permission to post this here for all of you.  For more inspiration, visit his blog Incidental Comics, or head over to his poster shop and buy a poster to hang on your wall.  I especially love the Treehouse of Adulthood.

Yeah, okay.  I’m a total fan, but I thought you’d like seeing his Creative Housekeeping, especially in summer.  (He just needs a quilter in that last frame.)

8 thoughts on “Creative Housekeeping

  1. Not having done any substantial housework yet this week (yeah, it’s Thursday), I love this! The Treehouse of Adulthood you have linked is also wonderful. In that drawing, I especially love “The Swing of Marriage” and all the ideals and dreams in the uppermost branches.

  2. If I drank coffee and you substitute “cat” for “husband and kids” the cartoon is dead on. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can relate to this.

  3. Thanks for sharing the views of this insightful and creative person! When something seems this right, and makes you smile, there’s got to be truth in it too.

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