Happy to Be Home

Croatia Trip 2014

Well, the laundry is done, but I’m still walking into walls, as the jet lag recovery seems fiercer this time, perhaps complicated by the arrival of my son and his family 24 hours after we arrived home, but who can say no to seeing the grandchildren?  The trip, above, was delightful, with the appropriate number of highs and lows.  If you want to see some of my photographs, there is a pretty extensive collection of them on my Instagram feed (button to the right), and once I start posting about the trip, many more will be on my travel blog.  One of the positive things is that I now know where Croatia is.  And Slovenia.  And know that Hungary has this massive lake in the middle of it that stretches for miles and miles, or at least it felt that way, as our train from Zagreb (Slovenia) to Budapest (Hungary) stopped at every single station along that lake. And I also know that I need to figure out how to make gulyas (goulash) the Hungarian way.  It was amazing.   I was able to read all your comments while I was gone, and hoped you enjoyed the continuing posts.  Thanks for the messages you left.

MCM Block July 2014

I pretty much did nothing for the first few days home, but then eased back into sewing with our Mid-Century Modern’s Bee block for this month.


Susan, of PatchworknPlay liked this quilt, so asked us all to make a 12″ star with a black background to begin her collection.  Beginning with one that I liked from my Jolly Old St. Nicholas quilt (post *here* with lots of 12 blocks with templates), I subdivided and added, so it would be more snazzy, with more colors.  You can download a PDF file of the templates by clicking on this link: Snazzy Star.  Enjoy!  It’s my welcome home gift to you, making up into a 12″ block.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 5.20.44 PM

I used my QuiltPro program to do this–it’s a simpler, older version of an electronic quilt program, but it works great for me.  So, cross two things of my list: a Bee Block for July, and Getting Back Into Sewing!

Circles EPP Button

I picked up lots of ideas for the Circles blocks–a richly decorated church in Slovenia had them painted everywhere–so right now I’m working on the EPP Circles block #3 (named “Ljubljana”) and will post that the first part of August.


I am also working on our Contrasts challenge for our Four-In-Art reveal August 1st, so keep your fingers crossed that I’ll make my deadline (I’m starting earlier this time, as my jet lagged brain is still fogged in).  In keeping with the laundry-list theme of this post, I’m also the Queen Bee for the Always Bee Learning Bee in August, and in this bee, fabric is mailed out along with the block, so that’s in the works as well. And I’ve just got to get to the beach this summer, don’t you think?

There's No Place Like Home

But as Dorothy found out, there’s no place like home. I’m glad to be back.

15 thoughts on “Happy to Be Home

  1. I know you had a pretty wonderful trip. Coming home is such an adjustment after going to another country, don’t you agree? I always think traveling to another country makes you look at the world differently, and helps you appreciate the things here in the US we often take for granted. Glad to see that you’ve jumped back into sewing! Your bee block for Susan is great! So is your round EPP block. You make the prettiest stuff! Continue to relish settling-in, and each new day.

  2. I am dreading the jetlag this time too- maybe its an ‘age’ thing?! Continue to be easy on yourself and takes things as they come….. maybe with a swim in the sea!

    I love my block! And how did you know that I use that word ‘snazzy’ all the time! It’s one of my favourite words and your block will be well loved too! Thank you for easing yourself back into your sewing with it!

    Can it really be time for another “Four In Art” reveal- looking forward to it immensely!

  3. Welcome HOME!!!!! Look forward to seeing/hearing more about your trip. I enjoyed all the older posts while you were gone even though I rarely commented. How dare you come home and jump into the bee block for Suz when I have no excuse for not doing it yet.

  4. Welcome home from me, too. First, as to jet lag, I had a bad case after my trip to Taiwan. A friend said get as much sun as you can. I really think it helped. Maybe that trip to the beach is just what you need now.
    I wish I could have been a stowaway in your luggage. I have wanted to go to Croatia for years. My maternal grandparents immigrated from Croatia about 1913. My cousin went this past spring. I can’t wait to look at your photos.
    Your blocks are lovely. Good to see what you are sewing. I am starting my Four in Art challenge. I have had one thought that kept going in my head and I got photos today. I will see what August 1 brings.

  5. So glad ypu had a great trip. I’m leaving in 2 weeks for a 3 week trip to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin (my sisters bday, the instigator of the trip), Dresden, Budapest and Prague. I’ll make sure to try the goulash, thanks for the tip. I missed the EPP quilt along, i’ve got a table runner I’ll be trying to finish on all of my planes and trains. Perhaps I will prep ypurs as the next project when I get home 🙂

  6. Welcome home Elizabeth! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your trip photos on Instagram. Can’t believe you already finished your MCM Bee block! Looks great.

  7. So happy you’re home and getting in the mix again! Missed you (even with the “older” blog re-posts)!

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