Colorwheel Blossom–quilt top done!

Colorwheel Blossom Quilt Top

My husband very graciously held up ColorWheel Bloom for me this morning, as it simply melted into my usual place of the design wall in my sewing studio/room.  I like the bright rainbow of colors framed by the sawtooth points and the breathing space given to all of that by the white borders.  A happy juncture.

Now the nightmare begins.  How to quilt this thing?

14 thoughts on “Colorwheel Blossom–quilt top done!

  1. No nightmare! Lots of quilting possibilities. How about arcs that continue outward from each color? Like a ripple in a pond. Or curves perpendicular, from the center outward, to make a spinning effect. Wish I was there to finger draw some ideas for you! It’s fun to help someone else. I’m stumped only on my own quilts!

  2. That’s lovely. The sawtooth border and open white space really does the trick. I tend to get mortified at this stage too. You could echo the petals outward until you run into the sawtooth border and do crosshatch outside of that. then again, there’s a million possibilities. Good luck!

  3. My first thought is concentric circles, but they are a pain to do. Second thought is concentric angles in four quadrants (so that longest lines or spaces an X)

  4. Love it and I’m a sucker for white quilts with good color! If I was taking this to my long-armer, she would maybe say “circles”. Are you going to quilt it yourself?

  5. Oh Elizabeth you really nailed the color transparency all around. Beautiful. And the little sawtooth border is such a nice contrast. I don’t know how to quilt it either but I’m sure you’ll come up with a good idea since you like to lay around with ideas.

  6. Hahaha – no idea how to quilt that! Although, I must say that I looked at my iPhone today and wondered how a picture of your quilt became an icon in my apps…. Then I figured it out. 🙂

    You’ve done such a brilliant job of piecing this.

  7. Wow this is a million times better than mine! How about a spirograph effect – starting with a small flower shape in the middle and then working your way around with scallops touching the middle of each petal?

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