The Universe Delivers

I'll Call It What I Want To quilt_front detail

So I was pretty bummed about not being able to make up this into a larger quilt, or not being able to use it (see last post for explanation), but then VOILA! that old principle of the Universe Takes Away and the Universe Delivers came into play.


Strolling through my Instagram feed I glimpsed this and made a screenshot, then headed to Sharon McConnell’s website: ColorGirl’s Fabrics & Flowers.  There she not only has more instructions, but also a link to a free pattern on Craftsy. Very sweet.

Teaching SignOff List 2014 SpringNow that I’m through with my semester, looks like a new project to add to my Summer To Do List.

summer-list-2011from *here*

What’s On Yours?

Summer ToDoList2014Spring(I’ve got a few things to get done. . .)

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7 thoughts on “The Universe Delivers

  1. Looks like a brilliant pp block!
    I love your summer to do list! Might have to get my children help me draw one up for our summer!

  2. I heard Dr. Drew Pinsky on the radio last week; never heard him before. One thought that stuck with me was “fame is a narcotic, as hard or worse than heroin.” I’m so glad you found a bypass around someone’s Famousness. You’re off on a road into a great summer!

  3. WaHoo!! Just so you know, I wanted to write a thoughtful comment to the last post and thus haven’t finished it. Ha, by the time I do it’s will simply be old news.

  4. Ah, the stars have aligned! And its such a great block, it deserves to be shared! I’m off to check it out! (like I need more projects!)

  5. I’m really liking the new quilt square better then the old…really! Those little squares makes it so unique. Your list is about as long as mine.

  6. What’s on my summer list? I’m ignoring a huge list of UFOs to embark on a little challenge with two friends. We’re each going to make something inspired by the antique lozenge quilt seen on Bonnie Hunter’s blog, using only fabrics from our stash. It’s due in mid-September.
    Glad the Universe delivered! I liked the paper-piecing hints, too.

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